What is a linear weigher?

What is a linear weigher?

A linear weigher is a type of weight measurement device that uses a set of load cells to determine the weight of an object. Linear weighers are often used in industrial and manufacturing settings to weigh large or bulky items.Get more news about top quality linear weigher,you can vist our website!

There are a few different types of linear weighers available, weighing range from those designed for objects up to 50kgs in weight, but here we only discuss the linear weigher for small weight 100-10kg. Smartpack manufactures mainly 3 types linear weigher: vibrating linear weighers, screw linear weighers and belt linear weighers.

Vibrating linear weighers are the most common type linear weigher. It uses a vibrating pan which evenly distributes the product into the weighing hoppers. The vibration helps to ensure that each object is accurate weighing. This type of linear weighers can weigh granular products such as rice, beans, seeds, sugar and even some spices including coffee powder, washing powder and etc.
Screw linear weighers utilize an auger screw to move the product to weigh hopper. This type of weigher is ideal for sticky food such as meat.

Finally, belt linear weighers are the customized one. The belt moves the product across the weighing hopper in an efficient manner.The feeding pans deliver the products to hoppers, then hoppers which connect with load cell measure the weight of the item. When the actual weight reaches to the set weight, the feeding pan stop and hopper opens to fill products.

Linear dosing machine offer a host of advantages compared with traditional digital scales and measuring cups. For one, one unit linear weigher could weigh many weight, just set it on touch screen, the weigher will weigh and reach the target weight. Second, linear weighing machines provide far more accurate precision than manual methods. Third, they can also be faster and more efficient than manual methods, allowing for quicker processing times. Finally, they are often more cost-effective in the long run, since they provide a consistent level of accuracy and reduce labor costs. The daily maintenance is also easy to clean, the weigh hoppers and feeding pan can be removed without any tools.

Smartpack Machine is one of reliable linear weigher manufacturers from China, we are devoting in weighing packing machine for 10 years with professional R&D and sales team. We believe that we are not only your supplier but also your business parnter that help you business booming. Contact us to get linear weigher packaging machines quote now!

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