Do you know about the cup lid forming machine?

Do you know about the cup lid forming machine?

As times change and living standards improve, the pace of people's lives is getting faster and faster, and the culture of fast food has taken off in a big way. The basis of fast food culture lies inconvenient, hygienic, and easy-to-carry food boxes, beverage cups, and disposable tableware. Commonly used beverage cups are disposable paper cups and plastic cups, which are mainly used as beverage containers in daily meals.Get more news about paper lid machine,you can vist our website!

Cup lid forming machine principle.

The plastic sheet or plate is heated and softened, then sealed with the mold, and through a vacuum, the softened plastic is stretched and clung to the surface of the mold, and after cooling and hardening, the plastic becomes the same shape as the mold.
Workflow of cup lid forming machine.

First, install the mold and then clamp the plastic sheet or plate in the clamping frame, then move the heating electric furnace to the top of the plastic sheet, then heat the plastic and then soften the plastic, wait until the heating time is over and then move the furnace to another working position to heat the plastic. At the same time, the mold in the original heating position rises to seal with the softened plastic and then evacuates the vacuum, and blow the air to cool the plastic tightly against the mold, then blow the air inside the mold to separate the hardened plastic from the mold, then let the mold fall and open the clamping frame, and finally, take out the product.

The hygiene of the paper cup lid forming machine is very important, how to pick it?

Usually, paper cup lid forming machines should be sealed in a plastic packaging bag, the bag should not be broken, the packaging is not tightly packed paper cups are vulnerable to environmental pollution, and hygiene is not guaranteed. Product packaging should indicate the name of the manufacturer, address, product implementation standards, production date, expiration date, etc. GB11680-1989 "food packaging paper hygiene indicators" on the heavy metal content, fluorescent whitening agent, and some pathogenic bacteria have been specified.

The shape of the paper cup lid forming machine should be broad, there should be no deformation. In addition, we should use the cup body stiffness better paper cup lid forming machine. Cup body stiffness is not good paper cups squeezed by hand are very soft, pour water or drinks, end up will be seriously deformed, or even end up, affecting the use. Consumers can not judge from the appearance, but the regular channels to buy regular manufacturers of products so that the hygiene of paper cups can generally be guaranteed.

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