What's The Thinnest LED Panel in the market now ?

What's The Thinnest LED Panel in the market now ?

In 2010 when LED screen business start booming , Iron or aluminum panel were widely use for LED screen. Desay Yaham ,Liantronics Unilumin used a lot . Thickness range from 140-180mm. weight up to 40-60kg/sqm. which is not an easy job for transportation, installation ,fabrication and service etc.To get more news about Small Pixel Pitch LED Wall, you can visit htj-led.com official website.

It takes a big wooden box for shipping, one 40 HQ container max can fit 200sqm,for urgent job,shipping by air is very pricey .
If its on the wall ,need to prepare strong structure to hold the LED also need to calculate if the wall can take certain amount of weight. normally need 5-6 person to handle installation,with big machinery to assist. the biggest headache part is that not easy to do adjustment of the gaps due to heavy duty . after the screen installed, the screen from the wall nearly 1 m(structure +cat walk+ screen thickness).1m space from the wall ,its huge .around 2012 came out the front open cabinet. but its more for small led wall height not more than 2 m .

In 2014 the market come out a solution put magnetic on module frame. Absen, Esdulumen came out 1m x 0.5m aluminum alloy panel,to save the space.which can make screen from the wall around 200-250mm depth. that's a big improvement.

For indoor ,save space means save money.we need less space .In 2016 Esdlumen come out Bim series.saved support structure,saved module frames which make it 45mm thickness of the panel. that's a bench-market.

45mm is the limits ? definitely not . Infiled come out a series WP 29.5mm that's super slim.but installation must need structure which increase the space.

29.5mm is the limits ? Fabulux given an answer :27mm tickness. directly installed on the wall(if the wall is flat) saved structure from the wall is only 30-35mm depth.like a photo frame on the wall. weight only 5kg/panel , for urgent job If shipping by air, only 20 kg/sqm(after package around 23kg/sqm) . less than 20sqm ,can finish the installation in 1-2 days by 2 persons.

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