Getting Drone involved in making films?

I'm Vietnamese however I was raised in Poland. Presently, I'm a student of hospitality within HIM (Hospitality Institute Montreux) located in Switzerland.

I began filmmaking in production companies near me after I was with my friend Tina. I wanted to record every moment of her love, and began recording everything that was happening around us.

I have never been a fan of taking photos when I traveled, as I've always believed that pictures don't capture the atmosphere and "motion" of the place. In order to fully experience the location, you must to observe the movements of the area.

I began by making use of my iPhone and IMovie on all my work. I was truly fortunate to be able to study in the heart of Europe. As a student in hospitality I am given the wonderful chance to visit numerous beautiful locations. Everywhere I go I don't just want to relive memories but also a feeling I experienced while in that area.

I began to make aerial footages after I moved to Switzerland. Anywhere you go, you'll be surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes. I realized that a single image could not convey the beauty of the landscape, so I bought drones (DJI Mavic Pro). Due to its portability, I was able take it with me everywhere. I was able to experience the breathtaking landscapes with a bird's-eye perspective, which is an unforgettable experience.


What are the steps to organize a drone shooting? What is the process for pre-production?

When I begin making a plan for a project, I select a soundtrack that can reflect the atmosphere of the location in my mind. This can take several days, and sometimes even weeks. The perfect soundtrack is an essential element for a successful film that is backed by the fact that music can take you to another location.

While making the Amsterdam travel video, I was wandering around the city, looking at people, and listening to the music. This helped me combine the song with the location to create a stunning memory. Each time I listen to the track, I can picture the streets I've seen in my head. It's quite incredible how one song can alter the way we perceive an area.

The majority of the videos I work on are not planned. video companies near me are making videos of shot in a spontaneous manner and the first thing I do before I begin shooting is to find the most appropriate places to shoot my videos and deciding on a soundtrack that is suitable. Biking and walking is the best method to find unique places. When traveling, I carry camera (Dji Osmo mobile & Osmo x3) and drone prepared to film. For instance, I recorded the Amsterdam project using my iPhone 6s with the filmic pro application and DJI OSmo Mobile. I then editing it in iMovie.

Are there any difficulties you've had to overcome when filming drones?

One of the most difficult issues was dealing with the police and the locals. In Switzerland authorities generally allow drones, and laws are not as stringent as those elsewhere. In many countries, drones are prohibited and in some countries, even be confiscated by the airport. This past month, I visited Amsterdam where my drone could not even begin to take off due to it being in the no-fly zone. In Vienna I was close to getting an arrest from the local authorities for disrupting peace.

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