The best bike locks 2022: the toughest bicycle locks from Kryptonite

The best bike locks 2022: the toughest bicycle locks from Kryptonite

The best bike locks might not be the cheapest bike accessory you're going to buy this year, but they are essential to ensure your bicycle stays where you chained it. A tough, dependable bike lock will is a worthwhile investment; if you can stretch to buying a new two-wheeler, then it’s also prudent to factor in some extra cash to cover security, and buying the right bike lock to suit your cycle should be part of the bike-buying process.To get more news about ebike lock, you can visit official website.

There's been a huge increase in cycling over the last few years and the extra demand for bikes that are much more appealing to thieves. The best electric bikes, in particular, are at risk of being nicked if not secured properly, and while some have an immobilizer that stops them from being activated and ridden away without you present, that won't stop someone picking them up and stashing them in a van.
All that means it’s never been more important to get a quality bike lock to ensure your cycle doesn't go missing, and we’ve collated the best and most secure bike locks you can buy here in this buying guide. We’ve tried to mix it up a little, too, with a selection that caters for different scenarios, while others offer a little more convenience thanks to their innovative designs.
It makes sense to go for a decent bike lock brand, and Kryptonite is up there with the best of them. This great little bundle comprises a 13mm hardened steel shackle, which features a double deadbolt anti-rotation design. The U-lock design doesn't weigh too much either (3.55lb/1.61kg), while the revised design is more secure than earlier editions.

The Mini-7 is much smaller than Kryptonite's standard locks, which makes it easier to mount on your bike's frame if space is limited (and gives a would-be thief much less room to manoeuvre their tools). The mount attaches to the frame securely using a rugged fabric strap that won't damage the paintwork, and the lock slides and clips into place with minimal fuss.

The Evolution Mini-7 comes complete with a Kryptoflex 410, a 4' 10" double-loop braided steel cable. This can be used to secure other bikes, wheels or accessories, which is essential since the Mini-7 U-lock is too small to attach to your bike's frame and a wheel. While it's not impregnable, the fiddly aspect of this combination makes the lock package a solid option for short-stay park-ups in cities and suburbs.

In our tests, we found that the lock can sometimes rattle a little within its holder when riding over bumpy ground, but it's firmly fixed in place and never in danger of coming loose, so this is a minor complaint.Another bike lock from the Kryptonite security stable, the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini, is sold without a cable but beefs up the security with an extra chunky design. It's seriously weighty (4.55lbs/2.06kg), which is something to bear in mind if you cannot mount it on your bike and carry it in a backpack, but that heft comes with security benefits.

The main difference between the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini and the Evolution Mini-7 is the oversized hardened steel sleeve, which is built to withstand attack from bolt cutters and leverage attacks. It makes the Fahgettaboudit Mini a lock that will keep your bike secure all day, even in busy cities.

Like the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7, this lock's smaller design means you won't be able to hook it around your bike's frame, wheel, and whatever sturdy piece of street furniture you're attaching it to, but you could supplement it with an additional Kryptoflex cable if you like.This package includes the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain (with 14mm six-sided links) plus a 15mm steel shackle. Both elements are super strong, using hardened steel to ward off attacks. The disc-style cylinder locking mechanism is also pick-proof and drill-resistant. It has the same top-level security rating as the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini D-lock above. You can also use it to secure multiple bikes.

However, the chunkiness comes at a price, as this weighs 10.8lbs/4.91kg, which means it's better suited to locking your bike up at home than carrying it with you on the go. There's also a risk of the parts of the chain not covered by the nylon cover scuffing your paintwork if you're not careful.Cable locks are known to be weak and easy to snip through with a pair of bolt cutters, but that's not the case with the Titanker Bike Lock Cable, which bucks the trend thanks to its durable steel core.

Unlike D-locks, this Titanker model offers between four and six feet of flexible freedom, allowing it to be threaded around, through or under a bike and a mounting point. The four-digit combination lock mechanism means there's no key to worry about. However, bear in mind that the cover is plastic rather than metal, making it less durable than more expensive, heavy-duty bike locks like those from Kryptonite.

It's not a lock that'll let you leave your bike outside day and night, but it's light, convenient, and a good choice for making quick stops. Better still, it can be easily attached to your bike's frame while you ride using the mount included.

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