Signs He Pretending Not To Like You

Are your partner's confusing clues making you feel like they're playing a joke? Are you convinced that they have the same opinion of you as you do? As well as the unmistakable indicators he's faking not to like you, we'll teach you how to get inside his head and get what you want.
The signals a male gives out vary; sometimes they are emotional, and other times they are cool or average. He may be sympathetic and kind, however he isn't always that way. Men are born with this incorrect conduct, which is a hereditary trait. In that case, how can you find the proper signal?It's easy only check for these beforehand signs he pretending not to like you.
Body language is one of the most useful non-verbal communication strategies. Someone's motions change when they are close to you and when they are speaking to you when they are in love with you. Body language is vital, and it may be easy to tell what someone is thinking about you through their body language.
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