Is Level 4 Body Armor Legal For Civilians?

Level IV NIJ-Listed body armor is the highest rating of ballistic protection tracked by the National Institute of Justice.t. It’s meant for soldiers and Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) to stop any shoulder-fired rifle faced in warfare. To get more news about bullet proof vest, you can visit official website.

However, there are many applications in which civilians can benefit from having the maximum allowed personal protection.

Many law-abiding Americans have asked about Level 4 armor for events like hunting in public land or having the best protection for their families in case of a home invasion.

The good news for most Americans is we are allowed to wear Level 4 body armor in public spaces if we choose to do so.

To keep this short and sweet, unless you’re a convicted felon or trying to perform a criminal act.
Can You Wear Body Armor in Public?
There are individual freedoms and rights we have in our country that are just not honored in any other place I’ve been (50+ countries). Wearing body armor as a civilian has a connotation that you’re doing something wrong or violent.

Even though we’re all aware of the gun violence many Americans face, we want to help as many of our fellow brothers and sisters as possible. We want to show everyone that body armor doesn’t have to have a negative connotation.
How Do I Know I’m Within State and Federal Laws?
As a former teacher, I used to pride myself on giving my students the tools needed to conduct independent, objective research.

I personally believe that knowing how to find the answers for yourself is more valuable than me giving you a broad answer that may not apply to your state. Follow these links and steps below to be certain of your state and federal laws.

Read the Reasonable Body Armor Possession Act (HR4568). This is the official bill passed by Congress allowing Americans to wear Body Armor.
Search for each individual state using Google. Include your state in the search. For example, in Virginia I would type “Virginia Body Armor Laws” into the search engine.
Once your search results display on the screen, look for .gov or .org websites relating to the body armor laws.
Best Body Armor for Home Defense
When I think about protecting my home, just like every other American I want the best for my family. There are questions that you need to ask yourself when you consider the appropriate armor protection level for your specific situation.
How much weight can individual family members carry?
If you want to outfit your family in body armor, you need to make sure it’s lightweight. For example, the most common hard plate armor is either ceramic or steel. Both materials are much heavier than what our Duritium? Level IV offers.

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