new high-speed 5-axis coiling machine for springs

new high-speed 5-axis coiling machine for springs

MANENTIMACCHINE SRL presents HTC 10 CL, a new 5-axis coiling machine for springs with diameters between 0.2 and 1.00 mm.Get more news about Electronically Controlled Spring Coiling Machine,you can vist our website!

Built with an optimal mechanical design, this piece of equipment offers several benefits, most notably a high production capacity, about 35% higher than the model HTC 10 CF. In fact, this coiling machine can process up to 999 pieces per minute.
Upon request, the machine can be equipped with numerous optional extras. For further information, please contact MANENTIMACCHINE’’s staff directly using the references on the side.

In the spring market since the late ‘60s, MANENTIMACCHINE SRL is the authorized dealer of HTC and HSI brand spring machines in the UE. HTC products include spring formers (wire range from 0.2 mm to 6.0 mm), as well as universal coiling machines (wire range from 0.2 mm to 12.0 mm), while HSI produces furnaces, decoilers and packing systems. MANENTIMACCHINE SRL stands out for the excellent value-for-money of its machine, the high quality of its services, as well as for its commitment to building long lasting business relationships.

Let's see below the technical features:

- 5 servo motors controlled by a computer;
- simplified touch screen graphic interface for easy operation;
- USB data access interface, convenient for backup, production management and system saving;
- micro pulse handwheel for easy setting and programming;
- standard spring shapes pre-programmed in the CPU;
- outer diameter control;
- cam-less operation;
- rotary cut-off and straight cut-off are both standard features, thus offering greater flexibility.
- programmable mandrel in-out movement;
- exact mandrel position (up/down);
- roller pressure gauge ensures repeatable pressure during material changes;
- heat exchanger on the electrical cabinet to keep the control systems clean and cool;

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