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VI - Density Life Platelets is designed to allow the preparation of blood components (platelet gel, fibrin gel, bone marrow cell gel) in an easy, safe and fast way.

The medical device is intended for the handling of autologous blood products.

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If you want to extract plasma for PRP treatment, the less time and steps you have to spend on the process, the better. That is why our PRP tubes are already equipped with anticoagulants and separating gel.

- Safe, fast and convenient plasma production.
- The tubes contain priming anticoagulant and separator gel.
- Maximum production in less time

Save time and money in your practice! These PRP tubes are a must-have for every PRP practitioner! Easy to handle, easy to remove and quick to ...  more
Vital Injector2 is the revolutionary product that has taken aesthetic medicine to the next level.

Say goodbye to hard manual lifting and hello to the future of lifting! Vital Injector2's 5 needles shorten the treatment time and maximize the results. It's safe, effective, fast, and easy to use for all spa owners, including those who use it at home.

Save time, save money. Get better results with less time spent. The Vital Injector2 is the upgraded, improved version of the original Vital Injectio...  more
Vital Injector 2 the original with CE|
Vital Injector 2 is a revolutionary device for needle mesotherapy of the face and body.
Stop your skin problems with our regenerative PRP cream, made from your own blood plasma.

The serum for PRP promotes cell renewal, nourishes the skin, moisturizes and prevents skin aging.

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and minimizes acne scars.

If you are looking for the ultimate rejuvenation, look no further!

#prpcream #plateletrichplasma #prptherapy #prptreatment #prp #vampirlift #mesotherapy #prpmed #beau...  more
You may not know it, but the future starts now. VI Density Life Platelets PRP-Tubes are a medical device for the production of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from collected patient blood. Don't risk cutting corners when it comes to patient health!

PRP Tubes made of glass!

Medical grade PRP with plenty of growth factors is obtained, given the right centrifugation or choice of materials. Under no circumstances should the PRP tubes be made of plastic. Studies show that glass tubes have a better effec...  more
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