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Natural Wholesale Silver Moldavite Jewelry

Wear the Moldavite ring to elevate your lifestyle as the crystal is known for transferring positive energies. The gemstone is also known as the stone of transformation. Since the crystal has not been a traditional birthstone, so anyone can wear the Moldavite ring or any other piece of Moldavite jewelry. Wearing the ring will allow you to stay focused on your life goals and increase the possibilities of success. You can hold the ring on your index finge...  more
Moldavite is an excellent gemstone ring worn to bring transformative energies in life. It ranges in the hues of dark green to light green with the reddish-brown bubbles on the surface. The Moldavite ring is in high demand for its rarity because it is only found in the Czech Republic in the whole world.

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Handmade Golden Rutile Gemstone Jewelry At Usa
Golden Rutile is found throughout the world, but mostly it comes from Brazil and Madagascar. It’s an alluring golden-colored member of the Quartz mineral family. The Golden Rutile gemstone jewelry looks charming due to its golden color and needle-like strokes in it. It has inclusions of copper, which can be seen in the form of red-brown, black, or silver tints. Open up blockages of all chakras,...  more
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