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If you want to extract plasma for PRP treatment, the less time and steps you have to spend on the process, the better. That is why our PRP tubes are already equipped with anticoagulants and separating gel.

- Safe, fast and convenient plasma production.
- The tubes contain priming anticoagulant and separator gel.
- Maximum production in less time

Save time and money in your practice! These PRP tubes are a must-have for every PRP practitioner! Easy to handle, easy to remove and quick to ...  more
The Centrifuge Medifuge is a state-of-the-art, high quality centrifuge for PRP production or other medical applications.

Don't waste your time and money with low quality centrifuges and risk wasting your precious PRP. Centrifuge Medifuge is the perfect solution for PRP practitioners who want to produce high-quality PRP for their patients.

We offer you the best equipment and PRP tubes with which you can produce the perfect PRP.

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