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Moldavite is also known as the stone of transformation that helps to transform positive energies in its users. It is believed that meteoroids created green-colored stones in the areas of the Czech Republic. Moldavite comes in the hues of dark green, olive green, and yellowish-green crystal.

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Keep all your stress aside by wearing transforming and beautiful Moldavite Jewelry. Moldavite gemstone belongs to the Tektite mineral group. Therefore, it gets addressed as ‘Green Tektite.’ Its trans-formative powers and high vibration energy makes it an influential stone. Overcome past traumatic experiences and align inner body Chakras by styling Moldavite pendant and ring. Avail on-time delivery and amazing offers by checking the Rananjay Exports site, as they are an authentic producer and sup...  more
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Wear the Moldavite gemstone to grab the energies of the stars and meteoroids. The crystal is believed creativity by a coalition of meteoroids around 15 million years ago. Since the deep green-colored crystal has been used in creating ornamental objects and removing negative energies. Using this stunning crystal for yoga or meditation makes users more spiritual and determined. In addition, the crystal soothes various chakras in the human body and aligns them properly.

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The gemstone has a unique formation and a gorgeous green color. It was formed as a result of a meteorite falling on the Earth.
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