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The PRP Book is a clear and broadly illustrated textbook for medical professionals. This textbook will teach you in a simple and clear manner how PRP (platelet-rich plasma) can be used in a combined application. This book provides detailed descriptions on the benefits, the side effects, and this new treatment's place in modern medicine.

PRP is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment option for patients who are suffering from chronic pain, osteoarthritis or sports injuries. Our new textbook "PRP...  more
Got a skin problem after the cosmetic procedure?

Use Lactoferrin cream to restore your skin's natural, flawless glow. It's designed for post-surgical recovery, but also works well pre-facto to reduce inflammation, redness, ecchymosis, and hematomas. Be confident with your new look!

After treatment for skin, Lactoferrin Cream intervenes in the disappearance of redness and skin dyschromia.
The post-treatment erythema disappears more quickly and the skin recovers its natural color.

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