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Handwoven Fabric
Handwoven fabrics are made by using handlooms, that is, they do not need any electricity and hence do not cause any pollution. Fabrics that are hand-woven consist of a few irregularities that can’t be seen in machine-woven fabrics.
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Buy linen fabric online

Linen- Explore summer fabric at fabriclore exceptionally breathable and absorbent, that something makes linen exclusive among all summer fabrics. Its natural element from the flax plant makes it skin friendly and safe to use for sensitive skin. This material is highly usable for bedding as it absorbs sweating fast and makes you feel comfortable. Further, linen shirts, kurta, gowns, leggings, palazzo, top tank, skirts and overcoat are also high in demand among the fashion...  more
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Velvet is a material resulting from a blend of natural fiber and synthetic fiber. Originally, it was used to produce silk, although it is rare nowadays. Further, pure silk velvet is an expensive material. But rayon- silk velvet is the best alternative of pure silk velvet which gives equivalent smooth texture and softness. Apart from rayon, synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon and viscose can also be used in production.

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Velvet Fabric - Buy Velvet Fabric Online Starting @Rs.349 | Fabriclore
Shop huge range of real velvet fabrics available in different varities including micro-velvet, digital prints, embroidery, viscose and more....
Make your Look Fabulous to Wear Opal Jewelry | Rananjay Exports

Look ravishing by wearing radiant play of colorful and lavish Opal Jewelry. The Opal crystal looks mesmerizing in the form of rings. Precious Opal gemstone signifies luxury, good luck, and passionate love. A stunning and bright crystal is an October birthstone. Order your set of tempting Opal statement jewelry at economical prices by visiting the website of Rananjay Exports, as they are a trusted and leading manufacturer and suppli...  more
Beauteous & delightful Opal Jewelry for Women | Rananjay Exports

Opal is widely famed for its mystical healing powers and its variable color properties. Opal is also celebrated as an October birthstone among its healers and is the luckiest gemstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Libra. You can find the stunning crystal in pink, black, yellow, and white colors. Ethiopia and Australia are the large producers of the best quality opals. The crystal is used to create mesmerizing Opal Jewelr...  more
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There are so many trends that are hard to keep up with, but winter fashion is everyone’s favorite and this fall fashion 2019 trend are exciting and comfortable for hijab fashion. Then we went to...
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While we’re fully prepared to end of summer season, and fall trend has us excited for the fashion knitwear changes ahead.   As much as we love the feeling of warmth of summer, we’re all in prep...
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One of the hair accessory trends is back and we’re totally ready for that, YES! Trend hair clips! The classic way to wear them is to twist your hair up and clip on it, but you can also use a smal...
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