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Turquoise Jewelry | Wholesale Sterling Silver Turquoise Collection.

Turquoise is also known as Feroza Patthar(stone) among many gem lovers and gemologists. It is one of the oldest gemstones on the globe that gained recognition millennia ago. The Native Americans used this gemstone in every auspicious event and worshiped God. Turquoise is a sky-blue color gemstone that contains much ambrosial healing and metaphysical powers to its wearer.

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Blue Turquoise Jewelry At Wholesale Prices | Rananjay Exports

Timeless and classy are the right words to define bright Turquoise Jewelry. It is also a calming stone that balances your mood, emotions, and thoughts. Ones born in December should wear this gem. Since ancient times, people have worn Turquoise Ring to shield themselves from evil eyes/ negative energies. Browse the site of Rananjay Exports to get a stunning range of wholesale gemstone jewelry at affordable prices. They are reputed mak...  more
Cubic Zirconia Jewelry Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Who doesn’t love the extraordinary diamond-like shine in their collection? If you also hold the love for transparent, colorless, shining crystals, Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is the right choice for you. Flaunt any attire in seconds with the right kind of stone and get the classic diamond-like shine in a budget that suits your pocket. Show your love with Cubic Zirconia Ring as an Engagement Ring for your loved one and surprise them with a shine that ...  more
Keep all your stress aside by wearing transforming and beautiful Moldavite Jewelry. Moldavite gemstone belongs to the Tektite mineral group. Therefore, it gets addressed as ‘Green Tektite.’ Its trans-formative powers and high vibration energy makes it an influential stone. Overcome past traumatic experiences and align inner body Chakras by styling Moldavite pendant and ring. Avail on-time delivery and amazing offers by checking the Rananjay Exports site, as they are an authentic producer and sup...  more
Wholesale Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry Collection - Rananjay Exports
Rananjay Exports is one of the trusted brands to explore real moldavite crystal jewelry at affordable prices. ✅ We promise to offer quality...
Turquoise Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Look glamorous and charming by wearing unique Sterling Silver Turquoise Jewelry. People working in creative and education fields should wear Turquoise gemstone ornaments. Pair any ensemble with blue stone as its accessories look good with both ethnic and western. Log on to the website of Rananjay Exports for versatile Turquoise accessories, as they are genuine makers and suppliers of wholesale Gemstone Jewelry.

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Opals are translucent or transparent and range between 5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Opal is considered an October birthstone and can bring good fortune for October month born babies. Opal...
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This jewelry has a timeless glory that cannot be rubbed away with respect to time. Being made from leather these are quite popular & attractive for young people. Vintage custom name bracelets...
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Make Rananjay Exports as your supplier of wholesale Gemstone Jewelry. We provide more than 250 varieties of gemstones in different finishes, that is the plain silver and rose gold. We provide the...
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The quality of the stone is essential. The clarity, color, and size of the gemstone should be excellent. The gem is very rare, and you should check its purity to avoid any kind of trouble. A lab-...
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The band has been put on not just through ladies but additionally through males, it's a kind of jewellery which becoming put on about the hands. Should you consider this, you will discover which ...
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Ruby stone, known as the king of gemstones, is a precious stone of the Corundum family. This stone is associated with the planet sun. Natural Ruby is best known for improving the social status, c...
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