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Make your Look Fabulous to Wear Opal Jewelry | Rananjay Exports

Look ravishing by wearing radiant play of colorful and lavish Opal Jewelry. The Opal crystal looks mesmerizing in the form of rings. Precious Opal gemstone signifies luxury, good luck, and passionate love. A stunning and bright crystal is an October birthstone. Order your set of tempting Opal statement jewelry at economical prices by visiting the website of Rananjay Exports, as they are a trusted and leading manufacturer and suppli...  more
Shop latest Kota Doria fabric online only at Fabriclore

The fabric known as Kota Doria (sometimes spelled Kota Dori) is woven from either fine silk, cotton, or a combination of the two, and has a characteristic square-checked pattern. The silk adds shine and a luxurious feel to the kota doria, while the cotton makes it strong. These designs are woven on a pit loom with yarns made of cotton, silk, and zari (fine metal threads). You can't find a more suitable summer cloth. Kota doria fabric manuf...  more
Kota Doria Fabrics - Shop online Kota Doria Fabric @Rs.225| Fabriclore
Get the best quality kota doria Fabrics online only at, India's #1 Online Fabric Shop. Our range for kota doria starts @ just Rs....
Beauteous & delightful Opal Jewelry for Women | Rananjay Exports

Opal is widely famed for its mystical healing powers and its variable color properties. Opal is also celebrated as an October birthstone among its healers and is the luckiest gemstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Libra. You can find the stunning crystal in pink, black, yellow, and white colors. Ethiopia and Australia are the large producers of the best quality opals. The crystal is used to create mesmerizing Opal Jewelr...  more
Moldavite is also known as the stone of transformation that helps to transform positive energies in its users. It is believed that meteoroids created green-colored stones in the areas of the Czech Republic. Moldavite comes in the hues of dark green, olive green, and yellowish-green crystal.

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Gift The October Birthstone Opal for your Partner | Rananjay Exports

Style rainbow beauty in the form of an ornament with lustrous and stunning Opal Jewelry. It's a gem that displays a magnetic play of colors and symbolizes good fortune, a lavish lifestyle, and passionate love. Throughout history, Opal has gotten recognition due to its aesthetic charm and striking astrological qualities. People born in October should wear an appealing and elegant Opal Ring to cope with life's challenges.

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