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Give your patients the best! Get your hands on the most advanced PRP-Tube technology!

When it comes to safely preparing PRP, quality is key. The need for a device that's safe, reliable, and easy to use led to the development of the PRP-Tube. PRP-Tubes are clinically proven to generate high quality PRP at a fast speed with minimal fuss. It is the future of regenerative medicine!

The PRP will be regenerative and will replace many standard surgical and non-surgical treatments.

The PRP-Tubes are ...  more
VI - Density Life Platelets is designed to allow the preparation of blood components (platelet gel, fibrin gel, bone marrow cell gel) in an easy, safe and fast way.

The medical device is intended for the handling of autologous blood products.

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The high-quality CGF 𝐩𝐫𝐩 𝐜𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐠𝐞 is especially suitable for the production of PRP and PRF graded centrifugation using 6-part pre-programmed programs. Used to effectively release platelets/growth factors.

Centrifugation is not a rotation, but a relative centrifugal force that depends on the size of the rotor.

We work according to the latest protocol with low RCF; two studies came out recently regarding this.

In terms of PRF and PRP therapy, Medifuge is the standard in 80 countries/...  more
If you want to extract plasma for PRP treatment, the less time and steps you have to spend on the process, the better. That is why our PRP tubes are already equipped with anticoagulants and separating gel.

- Safe, fast and convenient plasma production.
- The tubes contain priming anticoagulant and separator gel.
- Maximum production in less time

Save time and money in your practice! These PRP tubes are a must-have for every PRP practitioner! Easy to handle, easy to remove and quick to ...  more

PRF Starter Package is a patented PRF kit which contains the material necessary for blood collection and special dappers that facilitate the processing of blood components without the risk of contamination. Then the kit is equipped with special instruments for making a fibrin membrane and placing the clot into the implantation site.

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