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When it comes to safe PRP preparation, quality is key. PRPMED offers you safe, reliable and easy-to-use PRP tubes for this purpose!

It is the future of regenerative medicine!

The VI Density Life Platelets is the newest and most advanced device for the preparation of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). It is a modular medical device for the preparation of PRP from the collected patient's blood. The PRP will be regenerative and will replace many standard surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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Give your patients the best! Get your hands on the most advanced PRP-Tube technology!

When it comes to safely preparing PRP, quality is key. The need for a device that's safe, reliable, and easy to use led to the development of the PRP-Tube. PRP-Tubes are clinically proven to generate high quality PRP at a fast speed with minimal fuss. It is the future of regenerative medicine!

The PRP will be regenerative and will replace many standard surgical and non-surgical treatments.

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In summary, one of the incredible benefits of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is that it is particularly effective in treating soft tissue injuries such as tendonitis and its chronic counterpart, tennis elbow. The latter is one of the most common reasons patients and physicians opt for PRP treatments.

Read more about the benefits of PRP treatments for tennis elbow pain relief.

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VI - Density Life Platelets is designed to allow the preparation of blood components (platelet gel, fibrin gel, bone marrow cell gel) in an easy, safe and fast way.

The medical device is intended for the handling of autologous blood products.

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Community Hub Pharmacy is one of the topmost Pharmacy in Paris Ontario which is located in Cowan Community health Hub Medical building.Here you will get all the services regarding...
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We are Aqtis Medical, a Sinclair company, specializing in the commercialization of innovative medical devices that enhance patients’ quality of life and wellbeing. More specifically, our focus...
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Medical Seals Market was valued at US$ 2.16 Bn. in 2021. Global Medical Seals Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.1% through the forecast period. Medical Seals Market Overview: The ...
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Finance assignments need firm preparation. students frequently need to go through different money contextual analysis to fathom their monetary assignments. That being said, they can’t completely ...
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The global Sonography Gel market size is expected to reach USD 126.2 Million in 2030 and register a revenue CAGR of 3.4% over the forecast period, according to a latest report by Reports and Data...
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Latex is a natural sap of the Brazilian Hevea tree, solidified under the influence of chemical reagents and enriched with additives to achieve the necessary characteristics. This durable material...
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Using the Barthel Index (BI), you can assess how well a patient is doing with his or her daily tasks in regards to personal care and physical mobility. The instrument was created for chronic patien...
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