PUBG Mobile reveals how a player cheated and received a 10-year ban


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PUBG Mobile reveals how a player cheated and received a 10-year ban


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  • PUBG Mobile regularly reveals the list of hackers and cheaters it’s banned from playing the game. PUBG Mobile has now introduced a new “Project Ban Pan” and with it a video showing how the company detected a player cheating and eventually banning him for 10 years.

    The video is super dramatic and shows the whole enactment of how everything was carried out. PUBG Mobile was alerted of one player who was reported several times by other players. A look at his in-game data showed no evidence of cheating or any anomaly in general. Further digging into the player’s in-game data showed that he wasn’t using any special hacking tool but a new cheating method which involved another smartphone.

    Just as the match was close to getting over, the player switches his account to another device to fake a poor network connection. This essentially blocked the data signal and he could then use a cheat to kill the other players and then switch back to his original phone. This way he bypassed the detections of being caught using a cheat in PUBG Mobile.


    PUBG Mobile says that its security system automatically detects over 95% of violations and bans the players in real-time. There’s also the ‘PUBG Mobile Safety Station’ website where players can report suspicious behaviour and verify actions that have been taken.

    In its latest effort to curb cheating in PUBG Mobile, it is rolling out ‘Death Replay’ with the upcoming 0.17.0 update. This feature will let players see how they were killed in the game. PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 update will be available globally on March 3.

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