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 We mainly provide textile testing and equipment services. Are you interested in knowing
QINSUN instrument test:

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What is the basic structure of G506 Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester?

Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester is used to test the filtration performance of filter elements, disposable masks, filter media and other materials of respiratory protection products. It is suitable for safety testing of such products, evaluation of basic filtration performance and development guidance for new products.

Mask Automatic Filter Performance Tester basic structure:
1. Dust generation system: The c...  more
lab textile testing equipment
 We mainly provide textile testing and equipment services. Are you interested in knowingQINSUN instrument test:...
Thank you very much for your sharing, I like it very much. i'm very happly to get the infirmation. It is also very necessary to test textiles. A very reliable <a href="">; textile testing equipment </a>company: QINSUN. You can go to know:
Textile Testing Instruments|Textile Tester Equipment Manufacturer -QINSUN
QINSUN is leading lab testing equipments manufacturer/supplier. Export:textile testing Instruments, mask protective clothing test...
What tests can the flame retardant performance tester do?

The ZY6014I-VB flame retardant performance tester produced by QINSUN testing equipment is suitable for all kinds of single-component and multi-component (coating, quilting, multi-layer, sandwich products and similar combinations) textiles and industrial products, etc. The determination of flame retardant properties can also be used to test the combustion properties of toys or materials under specific test conditions.
https://burningtest...  more
Medical Masks Flame Retardant Tester| flammability test equipment manufacturer -QINSUN
Instrument Description: The device is a mask with a head mold at a certain line speed after contact with the flame, then test the burning...
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