Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Schreiber, and costume wholesale halloween costumes


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Lisa Lindahl, Hinda Schreiber, and costume wholesale halloween costumes


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    Suffering from epilepsy since she was a child, wholesale halloween costumes she found an escape through her time connecting shoes against pavement and tearing through Vermont's wooden trails. "My body would routinely betray me, so I wasn't on such good terms with it," Lindahl explains. "But there was this amazing turnaround when I started running. All of a sudden my body was my friend, and I was having this wonderful experience, but the only thing that got in the way of it was my breasts being constantly uncomfortable. Which was the real motivation for coming up with the Jogbra."

    Renting the spare bedroom wholesale swimwear in Lindahl's house at the time, Smith would do the sewing and send Lindahl off running with their different prototypes, but she would come back sweaty and annoyed each time. Nothing worked because they couldn't hack the structural problem of the bra. That was, until one evening when the two were spending some time at their kitchen table.

    "My then husband swimwear manufacturers came down the stairs with a jockstrap, and pulling it down on his head and over his chest, he jokingly said, 'Here's your jockbra ladies!'" Lindahl remembers. "And we thought that was really funny so I jumped up and had to get in on it. I pulled it down over my head, and when I took the cup and pulled it over my breast I looked at Polly and said, 'You know, this kind of feels right.'" The next day Schreiber went to the sports store and bought a handful of jockstraps, Frankenstein-ed them together, and sent Lindahl on her morning run. When she came back home, they discovered they just cracked the working engineering of the sports bra.

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