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Real love dolls are important because of their sexual needs
Hayashi causes the spread of sexually transmitted diseases when migrant workers at construction sites have sexual relations or prevent them from becoming inadequate due to the rapid development of the city and the intensification of infrastructure construction. Said it was very easy. It has a great impact on the family and society. This part of the group is in urgent need of social attention. Adult product concepts and demands are slowly changing, and blocking alone is not enough and needs to be sparse to meet instinctive needs.
Psychologist Kumai said that sex is an instinct for humans to proliferate and survive. No one can escape. Sex is also an important part of life. Sex can affect people's moods and emotions, and sometimes their impulsivity. Life-sized love dolls also affect the quality of life, though not the entire behavioral life. You need to look at it from a correct and straightforward perspective. Single elderly people have sexual desire even when they are old.
Being blindly depressed without being released causes hypersensitivity and other social problems. For migrant workers, they are physically healthy and unable to obtain normal sexual desire. Therefore, individual groups should not be discriminated against, as they use luxury love dolls to release their sexual desires without harming others.
In addition, with the exception of manufacturers, it is relatively easy to open a store in this industry as long as you have a license and your business scope is marked as an adult product. There are no prerequisites and no registered capital is required. Most adult products on the market do not have an associated Department of State manufacturing batch number. It is difficult to guarantee quality control because it relies entirely on the manufacturer's self-management and self-supervision. Counterfeits are rampant and the difficulty of supervision is the biggest problem facing the development of the industry.
Luxury sex dolls are more expensive than the real thing
Many friends like our love dolls, but there is a problem that bothers them. So while love dolls are very good, they are easy to carry and can be folded freely. This question was a good question and I came up with an idea. Everyone knows that RealDoll has a built-in skeleton. In particular, sex dolls completely imitate the bones of the human body and attach and secure a built-in skeleton. You can make a person take a fixed pose. But you can't "fold" a person! Isn't it rough?
How to break it? Editors humbly believe that portability and foldability are no longer important compared to the strong reality of love dolls. To be precise, it can't be folded and isn't very portable. The biggest difference between a sex doll and a TPE doll or an inferior so-called fake! You can make a simple comparison. What is foldable and very portable? I don't like the look, feel, and feel of raincoat-like materials, and the look, feel, and usage are irresistible, so I think my friends who know this point have a deep understanding. What does it look like it can't be folded freely and isn't convenient to carry? The biggest advantage of a real love doll is its reality.
User during the window period, wife is pregnant). Of course, there are special situations as well. For example, the same gay male and female users are also keen on silicone dolls. Analyzing the types of customers mentioned in the two paragraphs above, these types of customers "buy love dolls and products at specific times" or "buy adult products for so-called off-season smart love doll videos." There is no possibility of ", these two extreme situations. Knowing the above data, do you think there are low and peak seasons for love dolls? of course not! With the increasing consumption of Chinese people, the demand for love dolls and personal belongings is increasing day by day, and the demand is clearly more and more inclined to the aspects such as quality and diversity. We encourage you to pay more attention to physical dolls and other personal belongings, strength, stability, development and innovation capabilities of cooperating manufacturers.
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