Can students work in Canada

Working while studying in Canada - is it allowed and what are the conditions? 
Is it possible to work while studying in Canada
The answer is yes. But you can get more information from an immigration consultant Edmonton.

Under Canadian law, international students have the right to work from the beginning of their studies.
However, there are a number of restrictions, the purpose of which is to ensure that the student is able to perform his or her primary function, which is to study.
What formats of part-time work are acceptable
An international student in Canada can be legally employed in several ways:

1. On-campus jobs.
The number of on-campus jobs is usually limited. These jobs might be on campus cleaning work, in cafeterias, or in libraries. The pay for such work is not very generous, but also for this format of part-time work there is no hard time limit, unless it affects the progress, of course.
No additional permission is required to work on campus, and you can work from the first day of school.

2. Off-campus employment.
Off-campus employment has a maximum limit of 20 hours per week. It is clear that in this case you can earn more than in off-campus employment.

You can work off-campus, without any additional work permit, as long as you meet all the requirements listed:

🔸 you have a valid Study Permit, which includes a condition that you can work off campus
🔸 you are a full-time student
🔸 you have already started your studies
🔸 your study program lasts 6 months or more and you will get a diploma/certificate/degree at the end of it
🔸 you have a Social Security Number (SIN)

3. Work study programs with co-op (internship).
It is a great option for students, because in such a program the student not only earns extra money, but also gets invaluable experience in the very field in which he or she gets education.
Participation in such a program requires a special permit (Co-op Work Permit).
Students who have completed such programs are already well-versed in practical activities and have the necessary communication skills. Such graduates are in high demand on the Canadian labor market.
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