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“Blue Honey” is not about the colour; it’s the term itself. “Blue honey” is one of the few popular recipes you can adopt to create ways to store and enjoy your magic mushroom. The recipe is in the name, you need honey to make this, and for vegans, you use agave. The honey is not for safe storage of your magic mushroom alone, but it gives you another taste angle when you consume them. Usually, the taste of shrooms is not always pleasant for many, so this “blue honey” recipe is a truly reliable, tasty, and lasting solution to this problem.

The idea is to pour your honey over your shrooms and store them safely for a couple of months. The mushroom compounds eventually interact and get infused into the honey. When this happens, the honey turns blue, which accounts for the term “blue honey.”

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How to make Blue Honey

What you need:

  • Liquid honey:  It should be flowing, not solid or thick; the viscosity should be very low.
  • Completely dried magic mushroom: You don’t want your honey to ferment and degrade, so you need thoroughly dried mushrooms to eliminate that possibility.
  • A clean, sharp knife: You don’t want to contaminate your product, so you will want to use a very clean knife. Chop your mushrooms into fine tiny pieces.
  • A coffee grinder: If you have one, nothing beats this. You can use the grinder instead of the knife; that way, you can maximize your “magic mushroom  surface area to honey ratio.”
  • A mixing bowl (optional): If you prefer to mix your mushroom and honey rather than pour it over, you will need the bowl.
  • An airtight jar (glass preferably): You use this container to store your final mixture.

How to make:

  • Chop or grind your magic mushroom into very fine tiny pieces
  • Inside your jar, make a layer of mushrooms, then pour some of your honey over it. Make another mushroom layer and overlay it with some honey. Then you keep repeating this process until the jar is full to your taste. The level of potency you desire to have will determine your ratio of shrooms to honey. Make sure you don’t heat your honey, let it be flowing and not thick. If you find this method a little tasking or tricky, you can mix your mushroom and honey in a different bowl. When properly mixed, you then pour it into your jar. This second method guarantees a fully mixed mushroom and honey, not a layered mix. This all depends on the individual you choose, the one you like. Exploring both methods wouldn’t be a crime either.
  • The next stage is the main stage, waiting. Ensure that your jar is airtight, then store it away somewhere dry, cool, and dark. Leave it there for anywhere between 2 to 4 months. The longer you leave it, the better it will be; the psilocybin will have the chance to infuse well into the honey, and it will turn blue. Patience is the key, so be patient.
  • When you want to enjoy your product, caution is required. Since there was no specific measurement to begin with, you cant be certain of the potency, and if you carried out the process well, the product is sure to be potent. Try a full teaspoon first, relax for a bit and see what happens next before you proceed.

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Naturally Preserved

For many centuries, honey has served as a form of natural preservative. So the blue honey process makes sense. And for vegans, agave has similarities with honey and works in the same manner. It will keep and give the same result as honey would. Once you follow through with storing it in a cool, dry, and dark place, you will reap the benefits. 

High sugar, which forms monosaccharides, glucose, and fructose, can prevent contamination by removing water from bacteria and yeast cells. The osmotic process removes water from the mixture and protects it. Once the mixture is sealed airtight, it can never go bad. It can last for a very long time, which bodes well for this method, as you can use it to store your magic mushrooms. You can buy shrooms in Canada.

What’s Blue Honey’s shelf life?

If you are sure you used thoroughly dried shrooms when making your mix, you followed the process diligently, and then you store in a cool, dark, and dry place, then your mixture can last forever. That said, periodically make sure the taste is still in order. When you check on your mixture, ensure you seal the jar airtight to prevent spoilage. You can buy your dried shrooms online at fantasy shrooms.

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