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Regulations corset style bra for nuns' swimwear are far from universal. According to Sister Lorraine from Ask a Catholic Nun, a social media-based forum run by the Daughters of St. Paul, some cloistered nuns never swim at all, while those of other orders may choose to wear fairly modern suits.

Although popular culture typically corset style bra depicts nuns wearing traditional, veiled habits in their day-to-day lives, many no longer do so. As a blog post on the website of A Nun's Life Ministry explains, a "habit" is technically a "clothing characteristic of a group." In this case, their habit is general modesty to discourage their bodies' being seen as sexual objects. "We would dress in a way that would create a climate favorable to chastity," Sister Lorraine wrote. "What that would entail in a particular case would be up to the good judgment of each sister."

Burkinis, full-coverage womens bikinis sale bathing suits, made headlines last summer (and again recently) when they were banned from some beaches in France. This type of suit, however, is an option for Muslim women who want to swim in public while maintaining their standards of dress, short of swimming fully clothed (including veil). Leaving only the face, hands and feet uncovered, the burkini doesn't provide as much coverage as the many types of head coverings that Muslim women generally wear after puberty.

But it conceals suit underwear the hair in the same way a hijab, or headscarf, would. Burkinis may be some of the most conservative bathing suits, but that doesn't mean they can't look trendy. Shops such as Adabkini offer burkinis and semicovered suits in a variety of colors and styles. Mahei Fatourade started the swimwear store Adabkini in 2014 after noticing fashion-forward burkinis in Turkey. He saw the demand right away, as his sales went up by 300 percent in the first year. "Still, it's growing," he said. "There's a huge market."

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