How Do I Canon 4500 Printer Wireless Setup

You can have a look at the steps mentioned below to Canon 4500 Printer Wireless Setup. It is essential for the users to keep the printers in good condition always. You cannot use the printer if it does not function! So, it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of the printer and understand how to maintain it whenever required. Before going deeper into the issue, let us have a quick look at the structure and working of a canon printer. The printer consists of number of parts inside. The basic known parts includes hard drive or HDD, control panel, memory card slot etc. All these parts play a direct role in making your canon printer work! 

Connect Canon TR4500 Printer With the Device Wirelessly

Almost everyone needs a printer for their own reasons and uses. But, sometimes a wireless printer isn’t always handy or ready to use when you need it. If your priorities are an easy setup and connecting to your network, choosing the ij start canon tr4500 is the best option. However, the process to connect a printer with computers or laptops is complicated. Many people tend to struggle with this process as it requires compatibility and technical skills. The good news is that today you can avail guidance from experts to understand step by step guidance procedures for setting up to Connect Printer With the Device Wirelessly.

Canon is one of the most reliable printer producers. There are many models available in the market. Among them, Canon TR4500 Wifi Printer is a favorite by many, because it delivers quality prints efficiently. Easy to use and simple setup, the printer comes at a reasonable price. However, setting up the wireless Canon printer is important for users who want to print from their compatible apple products.

Setup Methods of Canon 4500 Printer Wireless Setup

Canon printers can be configured in several methods. For instance, you can use configuration methods to set up your IJ Start Canon TR4500 with a USB cable or Wi-Fi. The setup of the printer is also too easy and simple, which does not require any technical knowledge.

Step 1: Set up IJ Start Canon TR4500 Printer via USB Port

The Canon TR4500 is a great printer when it comes to printing high quality color prints. It can be connected with the mobile devices and group documents at the same time. The app on IJ Start Canon TR4500 helps you in scanning, cropping and editing pictures in just one click. It also has a wide-type LCD panel which shows you everything in a very clear manner. You can even see the preview of your work in real-time which makes your job much easier.

Step 2: Configure Canon TR4500 Printer Wirelessly

For IJ Start Canon TR4500 synchronization, wirelessly connect your printer to the system. At this stage, choose the Wi-Fi connection and turn on the print drivers to start the setup process. Let's concentrate on a few of the items listed below for setting up the Canon TR4500 printer.

  • Tap the Menu or Wireless button after turning on the Canon TR4500 printer. Take three seconds to hold it.
  • Verify that your IJ has Wi-Fi turned on. Fire up your Canon TR4500 printer. Go to your system now to synchronize the Canon TR4500.
  • From the manufacturer's official website, download and install the compatible drivers for your computer.
  • On the Start Set up screen, select Next.
  • Next, enter your username and password on the next screen.
  • Tap the Next button after selecting the Start Setup option.
  • On the Information Request box, choose the Region and click Agree.
  • On the box that asks you to check your connection method, select Yes.
  • When the pop-up window displays, select Allow.
  • Next, add your printer from the list of devices and test a print page. 
  • After this, using your Wi-Fi, set up a connection between the two devices. 
  • With the Canon TR4500, you can print, scan, and do other things with your computer.

Step 3: Setup IJ Start Canon TR4500 Via LAN Connection

To setup IJ Start Canon TR4500, use the LAN connection. You may also use the Wireless Direct option to link your PC with the IJ Start Canon TR4500. Below are a few simple instructions for setting up your computer to work with the IJ Start Canon TR4500.

  • Verify the power is on for your Canon printer. then click the Operational panel's Setup button.
  • Choose Device Settings from the menu.
  • Select LAN Settings from the menu.
  • Select Wireless Setup by pressing.
  • Click the "Ok" button.
  • On the following screen, select the Switch WL Direct.
  • After finishing, click the Done and Ok button.
  • Restart your device now, and let the Canon printer TR4500 synchronize.
  • Pick a printer that supports DIRECT.
  • When prompted, enter the relevant credentials.

Having trouble printing with a Canon printer. There are countless factors that can contribute to this issue. You must conceal the apparent causes of the mistake in order to fix it. For instance, you need to make sure the USB cable is functioning properly if the Canon TR4500 printer cannot connect to the system. The USB cord shouldn't be longer than 3 metres. One more potential cause of the issue is a weak power source. Avoid using the port to connect several devices in this situation because doing so could lead to insufficient power and prolong the problem.


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