History and working principles of White Label


The White Label concept has great potential, but there are also nuances that are worth paying attention to.

Pros of White Label

- Ready-made tool for business

- Reduces costs and risks

- Focus on your core business

- Opportunity to monetize user traffic additionally

- The processing of payments, customer support is often assumed by the company providing the affiliate programWhite Label is a concept of cooperation between two companies: one produces a product or offers services, and the other sells it under its own brand. This allows companies to do what they do best. Thanks to this format of work, organizations-buyers save resources on production. White Label collaboration emerged in the music industry in the 1950s. Record companies in the U.S. would produce blank vinyl records, and the retailers would put their brand on them. 

Sometimes large payment card issuers like banks offer payment card solution to smaller finance sector companies under the White Label system for a fee.

This allows smaller companies to offer their own cards to customers without additional investment in the necessary infrastructure. 

White label in IT

In IT, the White Label concept found its way into product development. On the Internet, the White Label Affiliate System was first used in 2001, when an online cell phone sales site offered other companies a rebranded version of its web site. Companies could register on the site, sell cell phones and receive commissions. 

By the way, this format of cooperation is suitable both for a large corporation and a young startup. 

The main thing is to correctly define the scheme of cooperation and understand how two companies can help each other in the context of specific business processes, and be able to profitably realize all the existing advantages of working in this format. This also applies to the financial sphere and specifically to the issuance of payment cards using White Label system https://wallester.com/card-solutions.

Some websites use the White Label concept so that successful brands can offer services without additional investments in technology and infrastructure.

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