How to Move Emails from Webmail to Gmail?

Do you want to export emails from Webmail? Do you wish to preserve Webmail emails to another webmail account? Don't worry, just keep reading the blog to learn the whole answer in detail. However, the absence of the proper strategy prevents you from completing your intended goal! In this article, we will discuss a secure and efficient way to move emails from Webmail to Gmail account.
"Hello!" I'm Kelvin, and I'd like to ask you a question about your solution. Actually, I'm looking for a solution that exports emails from Verizon Webmail. However, none of the answers gives a satisfying solution to my problem. I want to transfer my Verizon emails to Gmail account. Is your product suited for my needs? If that's the case, how can I believe you?
Many users export Webmail emails when they wish to migrate to another email platform or save the data as a backup in the system.
Today, we'll go through one of the easiest methods for exporting Webmail emails to other formats or email platforms. This procedure does not necessitate any manual or technical setups to undertake the assignment. Given that there is no official way to move emails from Webmail to Gamil, we have come up with an alternate method.
Without further ado, let us continue with an explanation of the answer.

Simple Way to Export Webmail Emails

You may export emails from several Webmail platforms, including Roundcube, HordeMail, and others, using Email Backup Wizard. This approach is ideal for transferring folders such as Inbox, Sent, Trash, and so on. Furthermore, it may save the whole contents of a certain Webmail to a variety of different formats. Exports data from several sources, including backup Office 365 emails, Godaddy Webmail to Computer, Webmail folders to Outlook, Axigen Webmail to Exchange Server, and many more. This professional programme also functions as a backup solution for Webmail emails.

How to Transfer Emails From Webmail to Gmail? – Steps

Step 1. Install and run the automated tool on your system.
Step 2. Now clcik on the IMAP option and enter your webmail login details and hit on the Login button.
Step 3. Choose Gmail as a saving option from the given list.
Step 4. Enter your Gmail login details and hit on the Backup button.
Done! Here you move emails from Webmail to Gamil account in a few simple steps.
The solution assures data integrity during the processing period. Email characteristics and attachments are preserved (if present in any messages). The file format of the attachments stays unchanged from before the conversion operation.

Benefits Of Using Expert Solution

When people learn about this strategy, they all have various questions. So, in this section, we will go over some of the primary advantages of utilising this software:
  • The application gives all users, whether technical or non-technical, an easy-to-use and configurable GUI.
  • Users can export Webmail emails in bulk with no size constraints or restrictions.
  • Users may simply configure their source path by inputting their login credentials. Once enabled, users may view all files and folders in various view modes.
  • Users can export only a subset of files or directories based on their needs and requirements.
  • 15+ Export Webmail emails to numerous formats or other email platforms.
  • The data will be correctly exported by just inputting the login credentials for your target route.


As a result, we went over the full method for properly move emails from Webmail to Gmail account. Users may easily apply the method and preserve Webmail emails directly by reading the entire text thoroughly. Also, if you work manually, you can simply store emails one by one, but this will take a significant amount of time and effort. Still, if you have any questions, please contact us.
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