Tips to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam

Before you start preparing for the four sections of the TOEFL, you should take its length into account. The test is both a language and an endurance test because it lasts for about four hours. There is a lot to cover, so there is little risk of being bored. However, you must avoid getting fatigued and making mistakes you don't need to. The greatest advice on how to prepare for TOEFL  is given here.

Familiarise Yourself With The Requirements

To avoid any unpleasant shocks on exam day, it's essential to become as familiar as you can with the requirements of the Reading section. It will be required of you to read and comprehend books on a variety of ideas or subjects. You will then need to compare and contrast ideas as well as evaluate cause and effect.

Read Frequently

Reading a lot is one of the best ways to prepare for the Reading section, despite how simple it may seem. Actively read books and articles that are similar to those you might see on exam day for a few minutes each day. These are books, short stories, and news articles. Attempt to vary the ideas and issues you read about as well. Explore topics outside of your existing areas of interest by reading about news, current events, science, history, economics, art, business, astronomy, etc. If you read a little bit every day, you will soon notice gains in your ability to digest English-language texts swiftly and effectively.

Ask Yourself Questions and Summarize

Ask yourself what you just read, what the main idea was, what the conflict was, and other questions every few pages. Read the texts once more to verify the answers. After you've completed reading, write a summary of what you've learned. Your summary can be written or spoken, allowing you to practise both the speaking and writing portions at the same time.

Take Notes

Making notes while you listen will help you remember details since you will only hear the tapes once. Don't jot down complete phrases when taking notes while paying careful attention; instead, emphasise the important ideas and provide as many details as you can to back them up. Note any shifts in subject or detours as well.

Practice Speaking

As your listening skills advance, so will your speaking fluency and pronunciation. After hearing a tape or viewing a film, talk about the story in English with a friend or a mirror. Till you master a word, practise it until you understand it. Use the same English term or phrase over and over again once you feel comfortable. Consult the International Phonetic Alphabet for pronunciation advice (IPA). You can also use one of the many English dictionaries available online that provide a button to hear the word uttered.

Practice Timed Writing

Both parts of the Writing exam need you to write a brief essay, however the second task can be trickier because you aren't given any materials to draw from for your answer. We advise you to spend more time working on the second task as a result. Time yourself as you write on a certain topic in practise. Set a timer for 20 or 25 minutes after choosing a topic. Spend 15 to 20 minutes writing, then allot 5 minutes to editing.

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