Providers of motorbike finance are likely to be inundated

Providers of motorbike finance are likely to be inundated with loan requests in early 2016 when two limited edition race bikes hit our market. However, with a super rich price tag, it is likely that these models will need to stay strictly on a wish list. With income typically driving the availability of motorcycle finance, Perth bike enthusiasts are unlikely to secure a loan deal to fund the potential hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to snag one of these amazing bikes. Competition for the Honda RC213V-S The Australian market already has a fantastic road legal race bike on the market in the form of the Honda RC213V-S. However, if you are unable to secure motorcycle brake pad in China finance for the $250k needed for this bike, you are unlikely to feel enthused about the new competition.

The road legal two-stroke Ronax 500 has a fuel injected V4 500cc engine delivering 119 kW of power at 11,500 rpm. However, the model has a dry weight of only 145 kilograms due to its carbon fibre bodywork, aluminium beam chassis and banana tyre aluminium swingarm. This road legal model is based on the 500cc Valentino Rossis 2001 MotoGP winning bike. There will be only 46 Ronax 500 bikes built, and the price has been set at $144,000 plus freight, duty, taxes, etc. Since these additional costs will also include 19% German tax, you can expect the on the road price to be closer to $200,000. The other new limited edition model is the MMX-500 developed by Suter Racing. This 127-kilogram model has a two stroke 576 cc engine that offers a massive 145.5 kW of power. The MMX-500 features a tailored made twin spar frame and aluminium wingarm that was developed by Suter when competing in World Superbikes and MotoGP.

It will also feature dry SuterClutch and six-speed cassette gearbox. There will be only 99 produced and despite the price tag of $US 123,500, it has been developed for track use only and would require serious (and pricey) modification to make it road legal. Securing Motorcycle Finance: For those with more realistic purchase aspirations, there are plenty of options for motorcycle finance. Melbourne bike enthusiasts will find that there are specialists lenders who are more sympathetic to applications for bike finance. While conventional lenders such as high street banks offer few options, it is possible to obtain low-cost finance for your bike purchase. While most specialist lenders won’t go quite so far as to lend you the $200,000 needed for the Ronax 500 on a modest salary, there are plenty of flexible terms available to make your next bike purchase even more affordable. If you are considering motorcycle finance Perth bike enthusiasts should contact us. We are an established broker with a wide panel of lenders including those specialising in motorcycle finance. Our team are available and happy to discuss your requirements to help you secure the deal best suited to your particular needs. We are also available to answer any questions or assist you with a competitive quote.

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