How to buy a yacht: 2 Steps to Buying Your First Yacht

Owning a yacht is a luxury that many cannot afford. Usually yacht owners are a select breed of smart, well-educated wealthy people who climb high on the social ladder. But even if you are one of them and can afford a yacht, buying one is no easy task. You have to think about several issues before you make a decision.
1. determine what you want.
As exciting as this world of yachting is, the first thing you need to do is stop and think. The yacht lifestyle is so tempting that you may take the first opportunity, only to realize later that the yacht you receive is not the yacht you want.
Thus, the best first decision is to think about the different types of yachts on the market, charter a few, and see the pros and cons of each. Think about what you want it for. Is it business or just pleasure? Do you want a more maneuverable or more luxurious yacht? Should it be a motor or a sailboat? Does it need a crew or can you steer it yourself?
Your different needs will determine the type of yacht that suits you best.  But whatever you choose you need to learn how to operate your vessel and will help you with that.
2. Think about the displacement of the yacht.
A yacht with a full displacement
In general, yachts come with a hull design with either a semi or full displacement. This is an important consideration in your decision, as these two categories have their pros and cons.
The half-displacement design allows for higher speeds, reaching around 18-25 knots overall, but at the expense of higher fuel consumption. And by higher, we mean four to six times the fuel consumption of a full displacement yacht of the same size. The full displacement hull design is more economical, but cruises at lower speeds, usually 10 to 12 knots.
When it comes to engine maintenance, semi-displacement yachts usually require specialized individuals or companies to perform maintenance, unlike full-displacement yachts, which usually only require crew engineers.
Other things to consider are that semi-submersibles are noisier than their counterparts, and that the latter are generally more stable and therefore more comfortable on the water. Semi-displacement hulls have a hard or fast roll, which makes them not as comfortable as full displacement hulls.
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