It takes mere seconds to punch and bind a document with thismethod

Plastic comb binding has been around for yearsand it's still one of the most popular binding methods around. You'veprobably encountered a booklet bound with a plastic comb before,whether it was a calendar, marketing brochure, school project, or evena cookbook. Indeed, this type of document finishing can be used forjust about anything and it's really one of the best methods you canuse. Here are five great things about this type of document finishing. 1.) Work with a variety of sizes.Is your document letter-sized? Or is it smaller or bigger? How manypages are in it? With plastic comb binding, you can create bookletsthat are a variety of different sizes. The spines can be as thin as3/16" (good for short works) or as thick as 2" for those longer pieces.
Most of the combs that are sold are for letter-sized booklets, but ifyou want to create a legal-sized document, there are longer onesavailable. There are even supplies for making A4 booklets. If youchoose to work with these different sizes, make sure your machine canhandle it. (It if has disengageable pins and an China motorcycle lift open throat, you'regood to go.) Also, spines are available in many different colors soyou'll definitely be able to find one to complement your work. 2.) Affordability.This type of binding can be pretty affordable, so it's a great way togo if you're trying to stick to a budget. All the supplies you reallyneed are paper, two covers, and the spine itself. None of thesesupplies are really that expensive. And the machine you purchaseneedn't break the bank. There are devices that can be yours for lessthan $100.00. 3.) A great selection of machines. Sincethis method is so popular, there are many, many machines to choosefrom. One of the most distinguished manufacturers of these products isGeneral Binding Corporation (GBC), which makes devices that can betaken on the road (the CombBind C55) as well as electric models such asthe CombBind C450, which can bind thick documents quickly and easily.
Other great manufacturers include Fellowes, Tamerica, and Akiles. Thereis a machine available for every budget and you can choose one that'sas simple or as fancy as you like. 4.) It's quick and easy.Part of the beauty of this method is how easy it is to do. All youreally need to do is punch holes in your document with either yourmachine or a specialized hole punch, open up the spine, and then insertthe pages. It takes mere seconds to punch and bind a document with thismethod, so it's great when you need to produce a professional-lookingbook in a short amount of time. 5.) You can edit your books!Let's face it: we all make mistakes, even when it comes to makingbooklets. If you made a mistake in your document or you just need toadd or remove some pages, it's easy to do with a comb binding machine.Just re-open the spine, add or remove pages as necessary, and close thespine. You definitely can't do that with wire or thermal methods, so ifbeing able to edit your book is important to you, this method is theway to go. These are just a few of the great things about plastic comb binding.Once you try it for yourself, you are bound (no pun intended) to findother wonderful things about this type of document finishing. So getyour machine today, get those combs out, and start working on yourbooks!
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