It is often possible to tear it out without using other tools

Bring a comparison with a unified specification of glue to see the thickness and tensile capacity between them.You can tear the tape open and smell the smell with your nostrils.You can choose to feel the stickiness of the tape itself with your hands. So the following editors will share with you how to choose the quality of the tape.Nowadays, the economy of society is very developed, so there are China OEM Paper Plastic Packaging Tape so many wools in the development of tape.
The three points described above are the tips that users can take when choosing tapes.However, the tape produced by this factory is also different. The above information is organized by the editor to learn more about the wound membrane, the machine is used to use the wound film, please visit the PE wound film information .
Clean, boring, fat -free or other pollutants by the appearance of the adhesive items;When we buy a label on the water cup, it will be difficult to clean up after the label to tear down the label, and there will be a certain viscosity occasionally that there will be residues on the packaging product. The storage of product packaging is storage and a cool and boring environment to prevent the sunlight from freezing and high temperature; Air conditioner dehumidification, or wetting machine).
The preservation environment is at 20 ° C-30 ° C to prevent placing local area with high temperature;How to prevent this situation? Intersection. If the semi -finished product can be tightened, it can be wrapped. Enter the oven and bake it slightly;And when it is fixed with it, it is often possible to tear it out without using other tools. Let ’s take a look together! In fact, tapes usually do object packaging and temporary fixed effects in life.
Today, I will explain to you in detail the information point of a single -sided tape. And there will be no colloidal residue after tearing. At the same time, if the tape raw material is made of PVC, then when you tear it, you can avoid using a tool to perform this step
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