How to Save Webmail Emails to Hard Drive?

Creating email backups is an important and necessary chore for all users in order to secure their inboxes. However, many people are confused about how to backup emails to a computer. As a result, today I'll go through the best method and answer the user's question about how to store emails from webmail to a hard drive or PC.

Webmail features several folders, including Inbox, Sent, Draft, and Trash. The user must back up the necessary folders and save webmail emails to their PC.

There are various webmail services available today that enable users send/receive emails and manage their everyday chores. However, hackers are smarter than we realise, therefore backing up emails is an excellent option for future access.

However, downloading emails from separate folders or all folders at once is difficult for users to perform manually. It also takes hours and days to finish. So, to make this work easier, I'm going to reveal the finest email backup wizard for the Windows platform.

Before we proceed, we must first determine what the user requires. Is the user looking to save webmail emails in a different file format?

Why Do Users Want to Save Emails from Webmail to a Hard Drive?

There are several reasons why a user would want to store Webmail emails on their PC. Users may desire to move their emails to numerous file formats so that they may be accessed in different email programmes. The following are some of the user requirements:

  • Backup webmail emails to MSG format
  • Export webmail to PST for Outlook
  • Save webmail emails as a PDF file.
  • Convert webmail to MBOX format
  • Save webmail emails to HTML
  • Export webmail to an EML file
  • Convert Webmail emails to a CSV file

Downloading webmail in various file formats on a computer is the best option to preserve and backup emails in the appropriate spot. When you store emails in the file kinds, you may access them in Outlook, Thunderbird, any browser, an Excel file, and so on.

What Is the Best Way to Save Webmail Emails to a Computer?

The automatic tool is the best for backing up webmail emails. Using Mail Backup Software, you may easily and securely store emails from webmail to a hard disc. It allows you to download emails from many folders at the same time. Alternatively, you may choose a specific folder from which to save emails.

This is referred to as an all-in-one backup solution. One may easily take an Office 365 email backup of several emails in a single click with no data loss. It is easy to use, so don't be concerned if you lack technical skills. Any rookie may simply run it and complete their assignment in a short period of time.

The following are the steps for copying emails from webmail to a computer or hard drive:

  1. Install and launch the automated tool on your system.

  1. Now enter your Office 365 webmail account details and click on the Login button.

  1. Now choose the saving option from the given list.

  1. At last choose the location to save emails if you opt for file format. If you select any other webmail account, then enter your login details. After this click on the Backup button. 

Done! Here complete the process and you save your webmail account emails to hard drive.

Features Of Automated Tool

  • Save Emails from All Folders: This programme is intended to assist users in backing up webmail emails to their PC. It can copy emails from all mail folders at once, including the inbox, sent draft, and others. You may also use it to backup an infinite number of emails from any webmail service.

  • Backup Email Attachments: With this programme, you may store webmail emails and attachments to your PC. If you simply want to copy particular emails, use the Search icon. This enables you to apply filters to emails and attachments.

  • Maintain All Data: This is the best method for saving emails from webmail to a hard disc. The programme saves all mailbox data in its original form. During backup, email attributes stay unchanged. Furthermore, the folder structure is retained even after the webmail backup.

  • Compatibility with Windows Operating Systems: The programme is entirely Windows-based and compatible with all current and prior versions. Webmail emails may be copied to a hard disc on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and so on.

  • There is no data loss: It is a completely safe wizard that always gives its users precise results. No one piece of information from your account is ever corrupted throughout the process. The programme allows you to safely save webmail emails on your PC.


The most often asked user question, "How do I store emails from webmail to hard drive?" is addressed here. Manual backup is not a suitable option because it is time-consuming and technical. As a result, it is best to use automated software to transfer webmail emails to a hard drive or PC.

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