Two options of potting epoxy resin to PCB assembly devices

What are the potting epoxy resins?
Potting epoxy resin is to pot polyurethane, silicone, and epoxy resin into the gadgets with digital elements and PCBs with the aid of computerized gear (tool) or by means of guide work with a tool.
The electronics gadgets potted with epoxy resin can be supremely included from water, chemicals, shock, voltage discharge, vibration, and bodily damage.
Which fabric is the high-quality alternative for the potting process?
Actually, there is no best fabric for electric powered machine potting process. It relies upon your manufacturing application, budgetary cost, etc. But for outdoor utility electric-powered devices, there are two higher potting cloth options: 3M-DP270 from 3M Corporate, and EPIC S7302 from Epic Resins.
What is the distinction between 3M-DP270 and EPIC-S7302?
Epic S7302 is a compound urethane fabric (A+B) designed for digital gadgets potting applications. The chemistry function of S7302 lends itself properly for digital merchandise that is uncovered to a broad variety of temperatures. S7302 is a perfect potting fabric for purposes that are thermal cycled between -40C and 135C with excursions up to 160C. S7302 additionally has unique elements of appropriate moisture resistance and proper adhesion to a number of metals and plastics. Weak point is that it wants potting technique via computer which should keep time and ensure exact quality, as the potting work by using the guide technique is very complex because you have to compound A and B collectively earlier than equipped for potting work. So, it is no longer the best potting cloth for small quantity production. But it will be greater monetary in value for mass manufacturing and potting with the aid of computers due to it is package deal is by means of a “barrel”.
3M-DP270 is a Potting Compound cloth with low viscosity for convenient allotting and potting. Its benefits are non-corrosive to copper, minimal exotherm, and very low shrinkage – making it well-suited for potting and bonding digital and electrical components. It has amazing elements of accurate resistance to clinical sterilization and is on hand colour in black opaque and obvious amber. The good factor is that using 3M allotting equipment, grant extra handy and correct metering, mixing, and doling out which is time saved and first-class ensured through guide potting work in small volumes production. The weak point is that the rate will now not be so proper for mass production.
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