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The history of gambling goes back to antiquity. Although there is no mention of gambling in chronicles, there are legends, tales, conjectures and versions. There is no clear chronology of cards and roulette appearance.
During the excavations of the ancient sites archaeologists find objects that could be used for games. There are suggestions that these objects originally had a magical, sacred meaning, and as the centuries progressed, they became a means of exciting pastime. Egyptian tombs preserved to this day the image of a man playing dice. In ancient Tibet, gambling diagrams were drawn on the roofs of temples. 
The system in betting brings additional profits, even if the bets in it lose. How can this happen? Very simply, a system consists of 3 main varieties of sports betting. The first 2 are the single and the express. The peculiarity of the system of bets is that it is possible to get income even with a small win, or with a loss.
The basic concept of a system in sports betting
System in betting is a combined variant of investing, consisting of several varieties of bets. The size in the system will be evenly distributed among the involved expresses.
The name has just a numerical value, for example, "3 out of 4". The other number is the total number of outcomes in the presented system, and the first one will mean the total number of events in a certain case.
The system presents a total of four outcomes, which are combined into express bets on the three main events in each of them. Thus, four expresses are obtained. To count on an extra payout, at least three of the four events must take place. Only 1 of the four selections wins in that case.
How is a Parlay system different to a Parlay?
If at least one outcome loses in a parlay, then virtually the entire bet loses. But in a payout system, the likelihood of multiple outcomes passing at once is unlikely. Users can additionally consider the system in a bet as a basic insurance. If a player frequently fails in express bets, the system can be a great way out of this situation.
But in system bets, exceptions are not excluded: the payout will be much less than the betting amount. It does not matter what strategy you choose. The main thing is that you choose a reliable bookmaker such as
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