Mobile Games That Gives Free Giveaways & Rewards

Who doesn’t love to be paid for their efforts in one way or another? Especially game geeks who love to perform exceptionally in games & zbierać monety mistrzowskie spiny spend hours to give a tough time to their opponents. Fortunately, there are a few games that feed their users with on a daily basis with free giveaways & rewards in different ways.


Free rewarding is the feature that differentiates best from the rest. Below we have listed a few games that provide daily free spins and rewards, free game currencies & much more without costing you any penny. So, wait no more. Scroll down & start reading!


Coin Master


Coin Master is a single-player casual & strategy game which is developed by MoonActive. Coin Master was released in 2016 & is one of the most interactive games to date. Coin Master has earned its name as a top-grossing app in many countries. It has downloads in millions on iOS & Android platforms.


Coin Master is based on a slot machine that helps players to progress in the game. It gives many rewards & coins to the players. The slot machines in the game use the spins in order to run & guess what? Coin Master’s rewarding system provides these spins along with many other rewards to their players FOR FREE!


Players can get many rewards just by logging into the game everyday. Coin Master greets players with new rewards including coins & cards on every login. Moreover, players can get lots of coins by connecting the game with Facebook.



Kill Shot Bravo was released by Hothead games on 17th November 2015 & is one of the best FPS games available on Google Play Store. It is a game of numerous features including different gameplay modes, multiplayer access & unlimited missions. Players are also given an option to chat with each other during the game.


Kill Shot Bravo has a great rewarding system. It provides its users with a daily login bonus calendar with different rewards. Players can see what they can get on a daily basis through all the months if they get login the game everyday. Not only this, players can also earn a wide variety of bonuses including:


  • Wide variety of items
  • Gears
  • In-game currency & much more.


Kill Shot Bravo also holds many events from time to time where players can earn essential rewards that can help them compete with other players effectively.


Walking Dead: Road to Survival


This is a famous choice-based story & role-playing game available on game stores in iOS & Android. Walking Dead has taken a rewarding system to the next level by providing a free login bonus every day. Every day a user logs in the game is greeted by free prestige points which help them increasing their Prestige Rank.


If you have been a fan of this game, you would know how important the prestige rank stands in the game. An increase in Prestige Rank opens new doors for new bonuses & rewards such as characters, weapons & different items.


As this wasn’t enough, the prestige free login bonus keeps multiplying after each consecutive login.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a roleplaying game inspired by the world-famous Star Wards series. The game is developed by Capital Games while the famous game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) shares a hand in publishing the game. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was firstly released in Australia in October 2015 but it was made available everywhere else in the world just after a month in the same year.


Star Wars rewards are categorized into two parts. The first one is Guild Activities.


Guilt Activities are the tasks that players can complete together with guildmates. Players have to team up & show some teamwork skills in order to sweep as many rewards as possible. Every player who stands at a winning side is rewarded with different in-game bonuses.


While the other part is the Galactic War. Galactic War is a new addition to the gameplay of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It is a whole new playing mode that is specially designed for daily quests with steroids. It includes hardening battles that teams consisting of players have to fight in order to get chests full of valuable gifts. The Galactic War mode unlocks only when a player spends hours hovering into the game.


Wrapping Up


Rewards are actually gifts that a player gets for his achievements in the game no matter smaller or bigger. A bonus rewarding system has worked marvels for many games in engaging the users into the game while on the other hand, players love it too. We hope you would love getting free giveaways & rewards from the games listed above.

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