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One of the factors for successful website promotion is backlinks or incoming links from other websites. For most search engines, the number and quality of links to your site is an indicator of its authority. At the same time, search engines are guided by a simple and understandable logic: the more various sources refer to the site, the more useful and interesting it is for the user, and, accordingly, such a resource should be ranked higher.
Does this mean that the successful promotion of the site directly depends only on the number of external links? Of course no. There are many factors that affect the ranking of a website in search engines. Nobody canceled usability (ease of using the site), high-quality and unique content, relevance of pages to search queries, etc. But links also still have a very significant weight. To get on the first page of Google, set up quality backlinks with Crowd Groups
That is why link building should be done gradually and carefully, and links to the site should be varied, such links can be ordered from Crowd Groups. Because this moment is very important. Today, for the successful promotion of the site, a large homogeneous reference mass from the outside is not enough. It is the variety of backlinks that tells search engines about the naturalness of its promotion.
Ideally, for a commercial site older than one year, it is desirable to have incoming links not only temporary, but also "eternal" backlinks from forum posts, forum profiles, company directories, blogs, social networks, etc.
In order not to cause the search engine to impose a filter on the site, the reference mass must meet certain requirements, which, by the way, are updated every now and then. Attention should be paid not only to the thematic relevance of donor sites, but also to the variety of anchors and the uniqueness of the near-anchor text. This difficult job requires a serious approach from the Crowd Groups webmaster, time and the ability to work with specialized programs.
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