How to get a free kick in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, set kicks can give you a huge advantage in the game, so what we need to know is how to get a free kick.
Whether in FIFA 23 or in real football, set-pieces can easily change the game situation. After reading the following, you will know how to get a free kick in FIFA 23 and produce a high-quality attack. . For Ultimate Team mode, the combination of star players is always what some fans want to see. So UTnice provides a good way for these fans, and buying coins at will make it a breeze.
EA Sports has announced a ton of changes to the player-favorite career mode in FIFA 23. But thanks to the new HyperMotion 2 technology, FIFA 23 also needs to introduce some new game mechanics and gameplay to fans.
This year's set-pieces will look and feel different, but when combined with the importance of penalties, corners, and free-kicks, all you need to do is master each technique. Free-kicks will be relatively easier to obtain because the new sedation mechanism makes penalties more concentrated.
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For those players looking to improve their football skills in FIFA 23, here's how to get the most out of their free-kicks.
How to Aim Free Kicks and Score in FIFA 23
Change the target and trajectory of the free kick by using the left stick
Adjust the angle of the football shot by using the right stick and apply the rotation method
Press and hold the fire button and adjust it to your desired force
To activate timed completion, press fire again while your player is shooting, thus increasing the accuracy of the shot
Celebrate after the ball has successfully entered the goal
For the interface of free kicks in FIFA 23, there are basically no major changes. When you're ready to shoot, your players look at the ball's flight path. The most important thing in FIFA 23 is the icon of the ball, which represents where your players are shooting and can use the principle of rotation.
By using the right stick method, you can decide from which direction the player will be able to shoot the ball. In addition to that, the left stick can be used to adjust the intended path of the ball, and by combining these two directions with each other, it should help you generate more attacking decisions. But a good offense often needs a strong shooter, which means you may need some more powerful players, so UTnice is your best choice, because here you can Buy FUT 23 Coins
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