What Celebrities Are Saying About Coin Master?

Firstly, the celebrities and every single person is loving how Moon Active provides coin master spins and coins links to every user on daily basis. Coin Master is a casual game developed by Moon Active & was launched in 2016. It didn’t take too much time for it to ascend the list of the most popular games & just after a year & a half, it was already dominating the game market.


The hype that the game got didn’t halt with the general audience only. But it caught big TV celebrities into its unending fame & wonderful gameplay as well. Looking at its success, celebrities just couldn’t help playing it!


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If you think the obsession of Coin Master is just a normal thing & the game itself is just a matter of a few days to get started giving you tedious waves, you may be wrong because even celebrities are now occupied with the thoughts of raiding, attacking & building villages in Coin Master!


Yes, there are many famous personalities around the world that are blacked out with the love for the most loved game, Coin Master. To find out who are those celebrities who are endorsing Coin Master, we recommend you to continue reading.



Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, & Scott Disick Headed Out a Campaign on Coin Master




Remember the TV stars from Keeping Up With Kardashians? Yes. The Kardashians. They are the new obsessed celebrities with Coin Master that featured in an ad.


It can be seen in the ad that Khloe is complaining to the viewers about her mom saying, “Oh my God, I can’t believe my mom just attack me!”


Kris then can be seen sitting right around the table pushing her daughter saying, “C’mon it’s just a game!”. That is where Khloe expresses her love for the game by saying, “Mom, It’s not just a game, It’s Coin Master!”


Truly, Coin Master is just beyond the game!


Just after that line, Scott appears on the scene attacking & raiding villages of both Khloe & Krin. The ad tells everything about how much the Kardashian family loves the game! Even Kris, in his Insta post sharing this video, states that Coin Master is my new favorite game obsession!


Ben Higgins and Chris Harrison - Celebrities For Which Coin Master Is Very Special


Ben Higgins & Chirs Harrison, the reality show The Bachelor stars, are other celebrities which are featured playing the Coin Master in the ad.


The ad takes viewers to a park where both stars can be seen standing shoulder by shoulder. That is when Ben Higgins nudges Chris Harrison, asks him if he should attack that girl exercising in the garden or not. Chris Harrison doesn’t seem to be interested in the idea but still, Ben Higgins attacks the village & gets the water bottle split on to his face by the girl!


Chris Harrison writes in his post, “Coin Master, the one & only game I flip for!”


Ben Higgins & Chris Harrison endorsing the game sounds like it’s worth trying, doesn’t it?


Jennifer Lopez Enjoying the Game in the Mall



Playing Coin Master in the Mall? That sounds like a real obsession!


And Jennifer Lopez is another obsessed celebrity with Coin Master. She’s so occupied with the game that she is seen playing Coin Master in the mall.


The ad shows the viewers how Jennifer enjoys attacking villages.


A couple just steps in & get stunned upon seeing Jennifer Lopez playing the game. That is when Jennifer Lopez turns to them & says, “Hi. I’m Jennifer Lopez. I’m playing Coin Master…. And I just attacked your village!”


“What an honor!” That’s what the woman says upon hearing this. Jennifer then is found stating she’s collecting coin for buying the next village.


Haven’t you played Coin Master yet? Well, just get it downloaded. You too may soon get attacked by any celebrity mentioned above!



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