Life Worth Living Chords By Laurel |

Play Life Worth living Chords By Laurel. Life Worth living Chords by laurel are very easy to play on guitar. Life Worth living Guitar Chords are Em, D, and C. Just put the capo on the 1st fret to play life worth living guitar chords.
[Verse 1]
Put his (Em)hands on my face
The kinda (Em)touch that made me chase
Him down, like (Em)it’s true love
So tear me up, tear me down, (D)ooh
Like it was (C)true, oh
With every (Em)word that he was sayin’
It got a (Em)grip, keep me stayin’
I’m like oh (Em)Lord
Pull me in then let me (D)go
Should’ve (C)known the first time you
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