Cenforce 200 - Restore Your Erectile Dysfunction

About Cenforce 200 mg
This is a large dose of  Cenforce 200  drug Sildenafil and is used as a rescue treatment for erectile dysfunction. Rescue therapy is a course of treatment involving the use of a higher dose of a drug that has been tried at lower doses and has not proved effective. Sildenafil, which is the active ingredient in this tablet, is normally used in 25, 50 and 100 mg. when these tablets are unsuccessful, you should look for stronger doses. Usually the doctor will prescribe it if there has been a sign of improvement in the man's erection with lower doses but the quality is still poor. A careful analysis of the man's condition is needed to determine whether the higher dose will be useful and safe. For more than half of the men who received this treatment, the results were as expected.
How is Cenforce 200 mg used
This drug is taken strictly as determined by the urologist. Ultimately, Cenforce 200 shouldn't be taken more than one pill per day. This pill should be taken just before starting foreplay. An erection may occur after 30 minutes of taking the tablet. In some cases it may take longer with 1 hour maximum at an average. Be careful not to break the tablet or crush it. Cenforce D  is meant to be dissolved in the stomach after swallowing it whole. Any change in dosage must be advised by the physician. There is a high risk of overdose if a decision is made to increase the dose.
How Cenforce 200 Mg treats erectile dysfunction
The evaluation of most cases of erectile dysfunction suggests that the main problem is the inability of the blood vessels to carry enough blood to the penis when it is needed. This is because the muscles in the blood vessels are contracted. This medicine changes that state by making the muscles relax. Sildenafil is a PDE-5 inhibitor. It penetrates the blood vessel walls and searches for the PDE-5 enzyme. The action of the enzyme is blocked for about 6 hours. Within that time, another enzyme will cause muscles to relax and blood vessels to soften. The action of this drug stops at this point. After that, you should engage in a stimulation-inducing activity. Once you are aroused, blood will flow into the penis and this will cause stiffness.
Cenforce 200 mg side effects


blood vessels soften and expand, blood pressure drops. This is  Cenforce 120  usually  causes  side effects. The drop in blood pressure isn't enough to threaten your health, but it can cause minor side effects like:

The appearance of mild to severe headaches.
Vertigo that may require sitting for a while
Your face and neck may redden and you will feel a little warm.
A restless stomach that can sometimes be affected by what you eat
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