Geomembrane Construction Method

The hot sale hdpe geomembrane pond liner should not be stretched too tightly. The soil embedded in the soil at both ends is corrugated. Finally, a 10cm layer of the transition layer is laid on the HDPE geomembrane on the paved HDPE geomembrane and 20-30cm. Stone (or enamel prefabricated block) is used as an anti-shock protection layer. During construction, efforts should be made to avoid the stone directly on the geomembrane. It is best to carry out the construction of the protective layer while laying the film. The joint of the composite geomembrane and the surrounding structure should be anchored by expansion bolts and steel strips, and the joints should be painted. Emulsified asphalt (thickness 2mm) is bonded to prevent leakage of bentonite waterproof blanket at this place.
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