How Dynamics 365 Case Management helps you Manage Customer Queries

What does great customer service mean to you?

It is supporting your customers in all the possible ways on time. For example, when they reach out with a question or problem, answering them instantly.

“Please hold while we transfer you. You are valuable to us.” This is not what they like to hear. No one wants to be put on hold for a long time. Studies show that 15% of customers hang up after waiting for 40 seconds.

It’s essential that you provide them with instant replies, which is challenging as customers prefer different channels for support. They may start their request via phone or call and then move on to other channels. Hence, you should integrate a Dynamics 365 Case management solution that ensures a seamless experience for you and your customers despite the communication channel. It connects everyone in the organization and helps your support team with all the information required to solve a case, including activity history and best actions.

Before we begin with the benefits case management has for your business, let’s examine case management in detail.

What is Dynamics 365 Case Management?

A case management solution lets companies collect all the information related to the cases. It tracks each case (question/request/issue reported by customers and requires resolution) from intake of the incident to remediation process and final resolution.

Dynamics 365 case management solution pulls all the cases in the database, identifies causes, and helps route them to the appropriate agents who can solve the case. It allows agents to categorize and manage cases. Other members such as the support team can analyze KPIs, including response time and resolution time. The service team can maintain a knowledge base to compile common queries.

Case management is important as one single mistake can lead to discrepancies. Long waiting hours, delays in case resolution, miscommunication in case management can escalate the support cost and even impact customer satisfaction, costing you a customer.

Dynamics 365 case management optimizes the business processes with quick access to information.

How Case Management Helps your Business

Case management is a holistic way to manage work and processes that are not repeatable. It enables you to address business challenges and manage unpredictable information-centric processes. Consider these impacts on your business.

Understand Customers Better

When you have all the information related to your clients in one place, you can quickly add case descriptions, view the cases in the list, deadlines, notes along with contact information, communication preferences, etc. All this information helps you focus more on customers and provide a personalized experience. Plus, your support team can collect rich insights about your customers, which can help analyze and offer valuable insights to everyone in the organization.

Automate the Tasks

While dealing with pen and paper, the chances of error are more. Notes can be misplaced, and documentation can be filled incorrectly. Dynamics 365 case management ensures that all the data information is collected appropriately so that everyone knows what steps they need to follow.

It uses automation to remove repetitive tasks from your support team’s tasks and helps them focus on priority tasks. For example, instead of explaining to customers – how to install the product, they can share the user manual or redirect them to how-to guides.

For basic questions, customers can view the FAQs. Instead of asking the support team, they can raise tickets themselves. You can generate forms automatically based on the information and then send them for digital signature.

Expedite Resolutions

One of the advantages of a case management system is that you can resolve the cases from anywhere. A cloud-based system makes all the data available at any time. Besides, it helps assign the cases to the right agent based on skill sets and availability. Customers don’t have to wait to get answers to questions as the team can access and help them even directly from a mobile phone.

This way, businesses can be available round the clock and improve the average handling time.

Other capabilities of Dynamics 365 case management include:

  • Effective workflow
  • Reduced costs, risk of errors, and hassles
  • Easy content search and organization
  • Fast decision making with personalized dashboard
  • Instant notifications and updates
  • Higher real-time insights and visibility

The benefits of case management are limitless.

Now, the question is – how to find a solution that has all the capabilities of case management and is tailored according to your business?

Go for Dynamics 365 Portal!

Yes, a portal that covers all the services that your business needs.

Check out below and learn about the features of the Dynamics 365 portal.

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