How To Fix Gmail Sign In Problems On Windows 10 Mail application?

These days, you can easily setup the Gmail account on the Windows 10 mail application by using the login credentials. you don't have to configure the imap and pop3 servers manually.  but in some random cases, Gmail does not sync with the windows10 mail application. Due to which, whenever you try to configure the Gmail account in windows 10. you have to go through one of the following errors. 
  • Can't sync to the Gmail. 
  • Settings are out of date. 
When such problems appears on your device. you have to make to make the following changes into the Gmail account. 

How To Fix Gmail Account not working on windows 10 mail app? 

  • First of all, you need to check the username and password for your Gmail account. make sure that it is correct. If you are not sure about the Gmail password. you can reset the password. and then sign in to the Gmail account. 
  • Let's go to the settings on the windows 10 mail application. here, you need to check the authentication errors. Most probably, The imap and pop3 settings are incorrect. that's why it won't sync to the Gmail account. to fix these errors, you have to remove the account and then reconfigure it again. 
  • Go to the Gmail settings and check that the IMAP settings are enabled. 
  • sometimes, users can't get into google account because of the application issue. so you need to go ahead and update the application. If that does not work, you should reset the Windows 10 mail application. now configure the account. 
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