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Want to read about your favourite actress, singer or influencer? I thibk I have an option for you. 
Nowadays, cinema sphere is highly developed, and many stars began to shine in the last few years. 
Their lives are so different and the backgroud of their career is worthy to know. But it is often covered with wrong facts and gossips, so to read their true interviews and biography, you need to find a reliable news source.
Luckily, this is actually not hard. Do you remember the Netflix series "Emily in Paris"? If yes, you might noticed a brights and stylish Emily`s friend. Her real name is Ashley Park and she is from Michigan. I bet that she probably caught your attention faster than adorable Lily Collins. I think that if you are interested in celebrities life you will be excited to read this article about Ashey - there you can find her life story from childhood to the most recent life. 
This source is definetely the most reliable one - I`m sure that articles about other top celebrities with catch your attention too. 
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А я тоже люблю читать новости про знаменитостей, но как-то больше русских. Вот даже недавно для папы нашла здесь есть биография юрия шевчука а сама там про новых исполнителей читаю)
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