How Much It Would Cost To Build An ELearning App Like Coursera?

Online classes or courses are designed to help tutors and students engage in distance teaching and learning. These classes help students to choose and learn different subjects at their own pace and at convenient times.

The elearning apps have helped a lot of students, especially those who cannot afford to stay abroad to learn from foreign universities due to the high fees involved in education.

Also, the online courses have helped working professionals enroll for part-time or full-time courses without affecting their current jobs. It helps them improve their existing skills to get better job opportunities.

elearning apps saw a significant boost during the COVID-19 pandemic and the entire education industry relied on eLearning services to continue imparting education across the world. This also increased the demand for on-demand eLearning app development and eLearning apps like Coursera could attract a huge user base during the pandemic.

Today, every education institution is into eLearning services, and a lot of entrepreneurs planning to launch their eLearning app want to know the eLearning application development cost to plan their budget ahead of development. This blog would help you know about the Coursera-like application development cost and factors that affect the overall cost

Coursera eLearning App — Analysis

Coursera is an online education app that witnessed immense popularity because of the benefits it offers to students who choose distance learning apps.

The app provides an array of different distance learning courses which range from basic skill development programs to university degrees worldwide.

  • The main objective of the Coursera app is in 3 different areas like professional courses, skill development programs, and university degrees.
  • The courses offered through this app are offered based on the student’s location and available slots.
  • One can access the course round the clock at any time according to their convenience.

The idea behind designing this app was to offer education to students worldwide at an affordable fee. Gradually, this app gained a massive response and profits to turn into a business leader.

Hence, the concept behind Coursera mobile app development is something every entrepreneur wants to know to build a similar app in the education industry.

Also, to know the estimated cost to develop an eLearning app like Coursera, you need to focus on multiple factors and the different methods you can choose from to build such an app.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Create an Application Like Coursera

Talking about the current scenario in the online education sector has witnessed a massive transformation. Digitization all over the world is one of the reasons why people are moving towards mobile-app-based education. Businesses are also looking forward to capitalizing on the changing education sector to reap the benefits.

Entrepreneurs can invest in Coursera like educational app development to integrate interactive and structured marketing strategies to promote their brand and get more students from different locations across the world.

Well, the education sector is accountable for building the future of students and hence needs some serious and trustworthy tasks to offer quality learning apart from other services on the platform.

Certainly, Coursera has already cemented its position in this sector as a trustworthy online platform across the world.

Vital Features To Be Integrated Into Your e-Learning App?

If you are entering app development for the first time, then it is better to start with the MVP version of the app. You can include basic features & functionalities to your app and test it and later add more features as required to scale your app.

So, let us have a look at the vital features you can consider for your online education app.

  • User Registration
  • Profile Management
  • User info
  • Search Filters
  • Categories and Subcategories
  • Featured Courses
  • Tag New Courses
  • Recommendations
  • Course Page
  • Course Enrolment
  • Payment Methods
  • Course-making & Editing Page
  • Advanced Video Player
  • Implementing Gamification
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Support
  • Blog
  • Multilingual Content
  • Notifications & Reminders
  • Admin Panel

What Are The Different Options Available For eLearning App Development?

When it comes to on-demand eLearning app development, you can choose from two different ways to build an eLearning app like Coursera. Firstly, you can opt to go with ready-made solutions and second is building the app from scratch.

Some of the important things to know about the above two options are :

Ready-made Solutions

Once you decide on creating an application like Coursera, you may plan to hit the market as soon as possible, isn’t it? So, if you want to launch your app within less time, readymade solutions with some pre-built options and basic functionalities would be the ideal choice.

Custom solutions

This option is a perfect choice, if you do not have budget constraints and want to launch a custom eLearning app. The custom solution helps you integrate multiple functionalities and features in the app that meets the needs of your potential audience. This solution is the ideal choice to build an application like Coursera. It may take a little longer to develop custom apps, but they pay off in the long run.

What Is The Tech-Stack Required to Build an Application Like Coursera?

Let us explore the tech stack that helps you build eLearning apps like Coursera.

  • Web Server — Nginx
  • Search- Elastic Search, — Amazon CloudSearch
  • Language –Scala, PHP, JavaScript, Python
  • Database –MySQL, Amazon RDS
  • Storage — Amazon S3

After knowing about the features related to Coursera like educational app development, let us know about the cost to create an application like Coursera.

What Would Be The Estimated Cost of Coursera Like eLearning App Development?

The Coursera-like application development cost depends on a lot of factors like :

  • Tech stack used
  • App complexity
  • Rate of development educational application development company
  • Marketing strategy
  • Whether you want to integrate basic/advanced features
  • Development approach you choose (readymade or custom solutions)


By now you must be aware of the factors that can affect the cost of Coursera like app development. It will help you plan your budget. Certainly, you can choose custom solutions if budget is not a concern for you to run a profitable eLearning app like Coursera.

You can join the successful eLearning apps by creating your own and leveraging the change in the education sector which is going to stay forever.

If you have decided to develop an eLearning app similar to Coursera, Apps On Demand, a leading mobile application development company can help you get full-fledged custom and white-label app development services to enter the eLearning app market. Our dedicated team of tech professionals with vast experience in building apps offers robust mobile development solutions that allow your online education app to perform exceedingly well and gain recognition in the education industry. Share your app ideas with us to let us help meet your business vision.

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