[PoeE 3.2 Build] Martyr of Kitava - Kitava's Thirst Builds - Life or ES - "This is usually a buff" Edition

For clearing maps, I've never had any issues; I've been thoroughly clearing the atlas since 3.0, however since Flame Dash may be the only viable movement skill, dodging Guardians'/Shaper's abilities require constant concentration and may be very punitive. Sometimes I get greedy, I make an effort to DPS for too long and obtain hit by way of a Frostbolt.
The version using dagger/shield allows Whirling Blades, which trades DPS for mobility. However, when you go by doing this, make sure you remember you need six blue sockets on the chest. It's relatively easy to get with something POE Currency similar to Carcass Jack, not too easy with Hyrri's Ire.
Update 3.2:
A great deal of exciting things coming, Trickster's ES/EV buffs, and also the nerf of Zerphi's may direct me towards ES again.
The core mechanics are unchanged, and much like the previous leagues, I will update the following information along my progression.
Highlights :
+ Defenses got stronger, we can easily drop Shav's for something such as Hyrri's Ire, Carcass Jack, or Fenumus' Shroud.
+ Flame Surge version is stronger, Pledge of Hands still BiS.
+ Blade Vortex version will manage to benefit a lot (A LOT) from conversion and Harness the Void.
+ Consuming Dark version might view the day.
+ Black Hole Vortex less 3
+ Great Flame Surge DPS: 1M+
+ Good evident speed/AoE
+ Decent survivability
+ Active gameplay
+ You get to play an original build!
- Not recommended in the event you like mindless farming
- Can be expensive
- Cannot handle elemental reflect maps.
- Relies heavily on mana, low/no regen is doable, but challenging. Trickster ascendancy helps lots.
- RNG may/will be annoying; I wouldn't recommend for HC.
- Decent mobility, but not be better.
Creator: Sarodh1
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