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Thousands of people are getting together each year as a result of online dating from scam! But the truth is; only a few are getting the best out of these sites. We often come across people who wonder why their profiles are not attracting enough attention!


There are still others who just don't seem to get what they want out there! Are you one of them? Here's what experts would have you know about online dating!

  • Determine your needs- sounds clichéd? You'll be surprised at the number of people who get into online dating without knowing what they want! Are you looking for a date? Go for the general sites. If you want to be in a relationship straight away- the relationship niche sites would work well for you! There are even more targeted places for people who want to meet others with a passion for the same things! Know what you want and then start looking at the sites.
  • Safety first- no matter how delicious that hunk sounds-DOESN’T give away personal information. A number of evidently smart people from review have fallen into the 'it can't happen to me' mindset and indulged in just these things! The results have been catastrophic!
  • Update your profile- go for an interesting nickname that reflects what you are. Instead of 'Sue 1234' opt for something that shows your interests, something like 'morning ray' if you are a morning person or a 'sizzling sue' if you want to pump up the sexy bit!
  • Get flattering pictures-no one wants to see you in your overalls, no matter how 'you' they are! Wear non provocative but attractive clothes that are always the best choice!
  • Keep the interest alive-once you start chatting with a likely candidate, online dating can be fun! Just don't stalk your date-don't ping messages the moment he is online. Instead, wait for him to approach you occasionally. The same goes for the guys too!


Online dating from scam can be fun and effective-just remember these essentials while you are at it!


Online Dating - How To Write the Perfect First Email


You've set up your fabulous online dating profile.  You've scanned the listings and see a whole slew of women you are attracted to.  You've weeded out the lunatics, the liars and the bunny-boilers.  Now all you need to do is make contact.


As far as I can see, you have 3 real options:

  1. Use text speak and betray how awful you are, virtually guaranteeing you will never get to date anyone half decent.
  2. Lovingly craft a totally personalized mail to each woman you would like to date.
  3. Copy and paste the same message with slight variations to dozens of women.


Read any advice from review, other than mine, on how to send a mail to a potential mate and number 2 will be the recommendation.  Most men will go for number 1.  The clever and successful guy will go for number 3.


Let's look at them in turn.


1. Brief and Brainless:


Subject Line: Hi


Body of Mail: HW r u? Wanna meet up? Ur hot.


Results - None.


Women will think you are lazy, stupid and not worth dating.  And they'll be right.  You're just not thinking straight.  Women, unless they too are slacking jawed and diseased, will not want to go out with a guy who sends a mail like that.  The ones who do are not worth going out with.


2. Long and Boring.


You will get greater success with this method, but not much.  You'll spend an hour writing each mail and you'll get few replies. 

Women from scam don't care what you've written in your mail.  They care about how witty your profile is.  Only if they like your profile and the way you look will they read your mail.  You are wasting your valuable time.  Even if you find the profile of the woman of your dreams, resist the temptation. Scam

3. Short and Personal

Get yourself a format.  You'll want to introduce yourself, tell her you liked her profile and why (you're probably going to need to lie, most profiles are terrible) and tell her to get back to you.  Don't ask.  Tell.  Obviously don't command her to get back in touch, just an assertive touch that shows you aren't desperate.  Put 1 thing in that shows you have read her profile and ask a question about her.  If she has nothing to write back you won't get a response, so something witty about her profile ending with a question about the something and you've got a winner.  You won't get a response every time, but that's why you're churning the mails out like a madman.  Find what is working for you and maximize on it.


Here are a few don'ts

  • Don't write "If you want to know anything else, just ask."
  • Don't make any comments about her sexiness.
  • Don't try to be too funny.
  • Don't be desperate.  Read your mail again.  Do you sound like you haven't had a girlfriend for 2 years? Or, do you sound like you're trying out online dating from review because you've heard you can meet really great people this way.

Once you've sent out the first batch.  Wait and see what the response is like and analyze what you've done and how you can do it better.


It's going to be a numbers game.  The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


One last thing and this is really important:


Don't feel bad if you don't get a response from every woman you mail.  It's not going to happen.  Some women just aren't going to like you.  Some are not really looking to meet people.  Some are barking mad.


If you don't get a response and you really like them, try again in a couple of weeks.  Laugh about how they ignored you the first time and make a joke about being persistent, without sounding creepy of course.


Remember, this is even easier than handling rejection in real life.  Suck it up and send some more mails.


Online Dating Tips - First Message


So now that you think it's the high time to try various online dating sites and services from scam. After you

registered and fill up the profile and uploaded some pictures, it is now time to look for that RIGHT person. So if you want to know more things about online dating tips - first message, I have just the right type of information that you need to know about this subject matter. This would save you the headache of searching for it elsewhere on the internet and wade through thousands of unreliable information. So why not avoid that hassle and simply read this article? By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a vivid and clear picture of what is the topic all about and what are the things that you have to say or do on the first message that you could have to send to that special person you would find online.


Or maybe you just want to meet people, and maybe in the long run, they would be the one. If you somehow find a person of interest, what you should first do is to contact it immediately. Does not worry, most online dating sites like review would provide you with ways and means to contact the person safely using various easy to use methods. The best method to send your first message is through email instead of using instant messages or chat. This would allow you to think more because of the time that you could spend while writing your email. This would also make the opposite side much more comfortable with you because they won't be pressured to answer things.  Always remember, first impressions always last, and it matters a lot. When you first send your message that would be the basis of a lot of things which you never imagined.


That is why the first thing that you should do to make a really good impression is to introduce yourself properly and honestly.

Don't just write a few sentences to briefly describe you, send interesting paragraphs describing who you are. Another good

thing to tell that person from scam is what caught your attention, this would definitely light the flame and make

them more interested with you and check out your description. Keep things simple and light and most especially, keep it

friendly. Do not send anything negative; don't be too flirty or sexual when you first send your message. This might turn people

off or worse, might scare them away, and you will end up a lonely loser.


Keep it dynamic as well, ask questions about them, friendly and light - hearted questions about their personality and life and interests, at the same time, slightly showing your interest. Just keep it easy, you will get there if you do it properly. Talk about the things that you have in common, things that the other person likes, and yours as well and then after days or months, when you get that feeling that it's time to take the relationship from review to another level, go for it. 

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