Importance of Health & Travel Medical Insurance Policy

Everyone wants a guaranteed protection for everything they have, either its life/health or a thing for example: any vehicle, any land property or anything which can be secured in terms to minimize the financial risk. And here comes the word ‘Insurance’. Insurance helps to mitigate the financial risk and provide the protection against unexpected loss. Insurance is being sold by an Insurance Broker. There are various types of Insurance: Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance etc. Health Insurance Broker helps a person to apply for the coverage and guide for a good Qualified Health Plan to enroll in the market. 

Health Insurance broker helps to know the Health Insurance Plan in a better way. They provide specific recommendations about which plan a person should enroll with. Health Insurance Plan covers any illness from the beginning it is diagnosed following the treatment till the medication process gets completed. Any insured person can take the benefit of insurance which covers medical and surgical expenses. With the help of Health Insurance Plan, one can directly go for the cashless process where no amount to be paid to hospitals and will be taken care by the insurance company or a person can get the reimbursement done of all the expenses as per agreement. 

Everyone loves to travel and unfortunately, sometimes met with unexpected illness or an accident or any other medical hazard which is covered under medical policy. This is called Travel Medical InsuranceTravel Medical Insurance pays anyone who had the medical emergencies during travelling. Travel Medical Insurance covers the below expenses: 

  • Ambulance Expense 
  • Doctor Bills 
  • Hospital & Operation Room Bills 
  • Anesthetics, X-Rays, Lab Test 
  • Medication& Drug Expenses 
  • Dental Care but with specified limit 

There are 2 types of Travel Medical Insurance

  • Stand-alone medical Insurance Plan: Cover emergency and dental 
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan: Cover trip cancellation, trip delay and more.

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